Man­u­fac­tured panic

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Af­ter an acorn fell on her head, Chicken Lit­tle raced around in a flap un­til she had all the other an­i­mals be­liev­ing her mis­placed fear-mon­ger­ing that the world was go­ing to end. So they sent a del­e­ga­tion to the King, de­mand­ing he do some­thing about it, and save them all.

The clas­sic homily against sur­ren­der­ing per­sonal au­ton­omy to Big Govern­ment based on man­u­fac­tured moral panic.

As HL Mencken re­minds us: “The whole aim of prac­ti­cal pol­i­tics is to keep the pop­u­lace alarmed (and hence clam­orous to be led to safety) by an end­less se­ries of hob­gob­lins, most of them imag­i­nary.”

The un­der­ly­ing agenda? An­thro­pogenic cli­mate change has lit­tle or no sci­en­tific ba­sis. It is in fact a po­lit­i­cally con­structed myth to em­power the un­elected UN OneWorlder­s, who cur­rently re­main de­pen­dent on the US for both the foot­print of their New York head­quar­ters and the lion’s share of their fund­ing. If Amer­ica jerked the rug, the UN would be goneb­urger, and the UN knows it.

The UN has floated a num­ber of un­suc­cess­ful wheezes to be­come self­fund­ing (eg. a pro­posed tax on global air miles, the so-called Tobin Tax on in­ter­na­tional move­ments of cap­i­tal, a tax on the use of the ‘global com­mons’, to be levied on fish­ing in in­ter­na­tional wa­ters. All have come to naught be­cause wide­spread mem­ber state buy-in hasn’t been achieved.

‘Global warm­ing’ (which, fol­low­ing ev­i­dence of a cool­ing trend since 1997 that couldn’t be waved away was re­named ‘cli­mate change’ to keep the scam go­ing) is care­fully crafted to pro­mote the fic­tion that, to avoid a loom­ing catas­tro­phe, mem­ber states must act to­gether in sur­ren­der­ing con­trol over en­vi­ron­men­tal mat­ters to the UN.

Through the emis­sions trad­ing scam, the UN in­tends to set up a global wel­fare state in which ‘rich’ countries are com­pul­so­rily soaked for the ben­e­fit of so-called ‘poor’ countries, with un­elected UN com­mis­sars in the mid­dle clip­ping the ticket.

The UN thus achieves its long-held goal of be­com­ing self-fund­ing, and its OneWorld agenda of pro­gres­sively sub­vert­ing the na­tion state out of ex­is­tence moves a step closer to com­ple­tion.

All you need to know is the fos­sil record proves that over many thou­sands of years the earth has been far warmer and far cooler than it is to­day. For much of that time there were no humans at all. These warm­ing and cool­ing cy­cles have con­tin­ued un­abated through thou­sands of years over which hu­man num­bers were neg­li­gi­ble, there was no in­dus­trial ac­tiv­ity, and no mass-scale burn­ing of fos­sil fu­els.

Clearly, some­thing other than hu­man ac­tiv­ity drives global cli­mate cy­cles.



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