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Al­fred Ngaro MP is ap­plauded for his in­tegrity and courage in dar­ing to say the un­speak­able, that “abor­tion is a holo­caust in our na­tion.” Right to Life en­cour­ages other MPs to con­front this abom­i­na­tion, and to speak up in de­fence of our na­tion’s voice­less un­born and their vic­timised and wounded mothers. Our women and their un­born de­serve bet­ter than this abor­tion holo­caust.

Right to Life also ap­plauds new Na­tional MP Paulo Gar­cia for stand­ing up for our un­born chil­dren in his in­au­gu­ral speech in Par­lia­ment.

The dic­tio­nary de­clares that a holo­caust is a ‘huge slaugh­ter or de­struc­tion of life.’ If the vi­o­lent dis­mem­ber­ing and slaugh­ter of more than 500,000 in­no­cent and de­fence­less un­born chil­dren in New Zealand since 1978 is not a holo­caust, then what is? The blood of those killed in this holo­caust cries out to their Cre­ator for jus­tice.

It is a tragedy that the com­pelling ob­jec­tive of the Prime Min­is­ter, Jacinda Ardern, is to make per­ma­nent the abor­tion holo­caust by re­mov­ing the un­born from the pro­tec­tion of the Crimes Act and to make the killing of the in­no­cent child in the womb “a re­pro­duc­tive choice for women.” It would then be no longer a crime to kill the child in the womb, but a health ser­vice and a hu­man right for women for any rea­son, ef­fec­tively up to birth.

The child would, in the words of Fam­ily Plan­ning, be “the con­tents of the uterus and the prod­ucts of con­cep­tion.”

What com­pounds this holo­caust is that it is au­tho­rised and funded by the state, with the si­lent ac­qui­es­cence of the com­mu­nity. Our Labour-led gov­ern­ment in its Well­be­ing Bud­get for 2019 has con­tin­ued to make spe­cial pro­vi­sion to pro­vide fund­ing for this holo­caust, which is dis­guised as a core and es­sen­tial health ser­vice with un­lim­ited fund­ing.

The gov­ern­ment has no dif­fi­culty in cas­ti­gat­ing district health boards for over-spend­ing in the pro­vi­sion of vi­tal health ser­vices, but would never crit­i­cise them for money spent on fund­ing this abor­tion holo­caust.

This holo­caust is de­stroy­ing our na­tion. What fu­ture does a na­tion have that de­stroys its own chil­dren? The New Zealand abor­tion holo­caust is part of the in­ter­na­tional abor­tion holo­caust that de­stroys more than 56 mil­lion un­born chil­dren ev­ery year.

The Alabama State Se­nate, in pass­ing a bill re­cently to ban abor­tion and pro­tect the lives of its chil­dren be­fore birth, ex­plic­itly and rightly com­pares, in the text of the bill, abor­tion to the holo­caust, ex­e­cu­tions car­ried out un­der Stalin, and the Kh­mer Rouge regime. In fact the abor­tion holo­caust ex­ceeds by greater than an order of mag­ni­tude all these com­bined.

KEN ORR Right to Life

hands of a vi­o­lent part­ner is not okay, but suf­fer­ing at the whims of a po­lit­i­cal party is okay, then we be­lieve that is hyp­o­crit­i­cal. All need­less suf­fer­ing is not okay.

Si­mon Bridges and Win­ston Peters need to demon­strate that their par­ties also con­sider need­less suf­fer­ing is not okay. We should not have to suf­fer an­other 18 months for re­lief, or in­deed to stay alive. Peo­ple are now say­ing they are choos­ing be­ing il­le­gally alive, with the pos­si­bil­ity of in­car­cer­a­tion, over be­ing legally dead.

Cannabis needs to be re-le­galised now.



vi­o­lence, and work with peo­ple that per­pe­trate vi­o­lence to pre­vent fur­ther harm. A fur­ther 350,000 peo­ple will be sup­ported by Wha¯ngaia Nga¯ Pa¯ Harakeke and Whiria te Muka fam­ily harm prevention ser­vices in Gis­borne, Coun­ties Manukau . . . and Kaitaia in North­land.”

Does that say Whiria te Muka? Why, yes it does. Seems Carmel Sepu­loni’s visit was not “a waste of car­bon emis­sions” after all, but rather a so­cially ben­e­fi­cial use of air­line trans­port.

Per­haps your editorials are, after all, ill-re­searched and bi­ased anti-Labour-led gov­ern­ment di­a­tribes like Matt King’s all too reg­u­lar col­umns.

Mock the word “well­be­ing” all you like. It is re­ver­ber­at­ing through­out this na­tion. Why? Be­cause bud­gets based on pure ne­olib­eral eco­nom­ics have failed so many for so long. WALLY HICKS

Ko­hukohu vul­ner­a­ble Ma¯ ori land sell­ers from un­scrupu­lous land buy­ers.

Part-Ma¯ ori griev­ers like Her­bertGraves should be thank­ful the Brits ‘banged’ into New Zealand at a time when a strong hu­man­i­tar­ian move­ment, centred on the churches, in­flu­enced Bri­tish colo­nial pol­icy. The Colo­nial Sec­re­tary, Lord Nor­manby, gen­uinely tried to treat 19th cen­tury New Zealand in­hab­i­tants bet­ter than hap­pened in ear­lier coloni­sa­tions. GE­OFF PARKER


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