The Northland Age

Climate unity needed


It’s get real time for political parties, workers, farmers, the profession­s, rich and poor. Mankind has over exploited the earth’s resources which are finite and damaged. It’s taken thousands of years to deplete the forests but the last 100 years of oil and coal have altered the atmosphere and climate causing ice melt flooding and drought in other places. In our Parliament we have politician­s sniping at each other and supporting a financial system hundreds of years old and no longer fit for purpose. Climate change is causing changes to food production and farming in many lands and in others has prevented all food production with starving population­s with no fresh water to drink.

One would hope members of parliament would be sufficient­ly informed of changing climatic conditions caused by mankind to put their heads together for the survival of humanity instead of petty vote scoring .

I hope the Greens are the party that holds the balance after the next election. Huge expenditur­e is required on education, health, housing and public transport, clean water reticulati­on not to mention the effects of world climate change.

Our wonderful rugby girls won a great rugby victory. In other places climate change sees population­s starving with no rain for years, thin mothers and dying children. We know what caused their climatic disasters. Parliament should be united on solving the problem as far as possible here.

Sam McHarg


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