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Hor­ti­cul­ture New Zealand lodged a sub­mis­sion on the Hawke’s Bay Re­gional Land Trans­port Plan 20152025 (2018 Re­view).The main aim of our sub­mis­sions on Land Trans­port Plans is to em­pha­sise to the New Zealand Trans­port Agency (NZTA) and to lo­cal coun­cils, the im­por­tance of re­silient and re­li­able trans­port net­works for hor­ti­cul­ture and to sup­port im­por­tant re­gional trans­porta­tion projects that will ben­e­fit hor­ti­cul­ture. Our sub­mis­sion is on our web­site un­der Nat­u­ral Re­sources.

Sub­mis­sions on a vari­a­tion to the Waikato Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora: Pro­posed Plan Change 1 (PC1)

closed at the end of May. The vari­a­tion re­in­states the area in the north-east of the Waikato River catch­ment that was with­drawn in Novem­ber 2016 to en­able full con­sul­ta­tion with Pare Hau­raki, as an im­pacted iwi. The vari­a­tion in­cludes some amend­ments aris­ing from con­sul­ta­tion with Pare Hau­raki, and also pro­poses ex­ten­sions of 20 months to some dates to en­able landown­ers more time, due to the de­lay. The coun­cil re­ceived more than 1000 sub­mis­sions on PC1 when it was no­ti­fied in 2016 – these re­main valid and do not need to be re-lodged. Hort NZ used the op­por­tu­nity to clar­ify key points of the orig­i­nal sub­mis­sion and ad­dress is­sues raised by Coun­cil and other sub­mit­ters. Our sub­mis­sion is on our web­site un­der Nat­u­ral Re­sources. The Nat­u­ral Re­sources and En­vi­ron­ment team wel­comed a new man­ager in May – Michelle Sands now heads the team. Michelle has a strong back­ground and ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing in the nat­u­ral re­sources and en­vi­ron­ment area, is an ex­pert wa­ter qual­ity and hy­drol­ogy prac­ti­tioner, and will com­ple­ment the team’s ex­per­tise and fur­ther in­crease its over­all im­pact. She is based in the Welling­ton of­fice.


With a packed leg­isla­tive agenda by the govern­ment, Hor­ti­cul­ture New Zealand has been busy on both writ­ten sub­mis­sions, and speak­ing to them be­fore Par­lia­men­tary Se­lect Com­mit­tees. The idea of back­ing up a writ­ten sub­mis­sion by ap­pear­ing be­fore the rel­e­vant se­lect com­mit­tee is to make a stronger case, and be able to clear up any con­fu­sion and an­swer ques­tions.

We made a writ­ten sub­mis­sion to the Tax Work­ing Group on the Fu­ture of Tax. This sub­mis­sion is en­dorsed and sup­ported by a fur­ther 17 or­gan­i­sa­tions, in­clud­ing Beef + Lamb New Zealand Lim­ited. In the sub­mis­sion we noted that we have read and sup­port the sub­mis­sions made by Dairy New Zealand Lim­ited, Fed­er­ated Farm­ers of New Zealand In­cor­po­rated and Ir­ri­ga­tion New Zealand In­cor­po­rated. All the pri­mary in­dus­try sec­tor groups feel we need to be heard on changes to the tax sys­tem which we be­lieve is al­ready sim­ple, ef­fi­cient and fair, and doesn’t need tin­ker­ing with. Mike Chap­man also met with the Tax Work­ing Group in May, along with Fed­er­ated Farm­ers and Dairy New Zealand, to fur­ther sub­mit on the is­sues with land, en­vi­ron­men­tal and cap­i­tal taxes. Hort NZ will con­tinue to ad­vo­cate for grow­ers and speak out against taxes that will add costs to healthy food and po­ten­tially, threaten its avail­abil­ity. The sub­mis­sion is on our web­site un­der Grower Sup­port.

In May, Hor­ti­cul­ture New Zealand spoke to the Fi­nance and Ex­pen­di­ture Se­lect Com­mit­tee about its writ­ten sub­mis­sion

“Hort NZ will con­tinue to ad­vo­cate for grow­ers and speak out against taxes that will add costs to healthy food and po­ten­tially, threaten its avail­abil­ity.”

on the Land Trans­port Man­age­ment (Re­gional Fuel Tax) Amend­ment Bill. That writ­ten sub­mis­sion is en­dorsed and sup­ported by a fur­ther 18 or­gan­i­sa­tions. On be­half of Balle Bros, Bren­dan Balle joined Hort NZ to speak to the se­lect com­mit­tee, giv­ing a grower’s per­spec­tive on why we are ask­ing for a Re­gional Fuel Tax (RFT) ex­emp­tion for off-road ve­hi­cles and ma­chin­ery – that never use the road sys­tem and there­fore, shouldn’t have to pay for it. He also pointed out that with the RFT, Auck­land grow­ers would be at a dis­ad­van­tage to their com­peti­tors from out­side Auck­land who didn’t have to pay RFT. Hort NZ con­tends that as the Bill stands, it is likely to add costs to fresh fruit and veg­eta­bles for con­sumers as such costs need to be passed on if a busi­ness can­not ab­sorb them. We is­sued a press re­lease, Mike Chap­man wrote a blog, and there was me­dia cov­er­age of the sub­mis­sion.

Hort NZ also sub­mit­ted on Auck­land Coun­cil’s Draft Re­gional Fuel Tax and Re­gional Land Trans­port Plan. Both fuel tax sub­mis­sions are on our web­site un­der Grower Sup­port.

Hor­ti­cul­ture New Zealand made a sub­mis­sion on the Em­ploy­ment Re­la­tions (Tri­an­gu­lar Re­la­tion­ships)

Amend­ment Bill, say­ing it did not sup­port the Bill, did not think it should pro­ceed, and that the cur­rent pro­tec­tions in New Zealand law pro­vide work­ers’ pro­tec­tion. This Bill is par­tic­u­larly rel­e­vant to hor­ti­cul­ture given the na­ture of sea­sonal work and the use of con­trac­tors to man­age sea­sonal work­ers. Hort NZ said the Bill has the ef­fect of mak­ing a labour hire com­pany’s work­ers em­ploy­ees of the client who had con­tracted the labour hire com­pany to sup­ply labour, with all the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties that such a re­la­tion­ship en­tails. It cre­ates far more prob­lems than it solves and will add costs that must be passed on to con­sumers. This sub­mis­sion is fur­ther to Hor­ti­cul­ture New Zealand’s sub­mis­sion on the Em­ploy­ment Re­la­tions Amend­ment Bill. Both Bills make a big push for union mem­ber­ship and set con­di­tions that deny the flex­i­bil­ity re­quired in hor­ti­cul­ture. The sub­mis­sions are avail­able on our web­site un­der Grower Sup­port. Mike Chap­man and Eve Wil­liams ap­peared be­fore the Ed­u­ca­tion and Work­force Se­lect Com­mit­tee to speak to the Em­ploy­ment Re­la­tions Amend­ment Bill. We are con­cerned about the push to unionise work­places and Mike sub­se­quently wrote a blog: Union­i­sa­tion Bill – Nine Rea­sons Why Not, avail­able on our web­site Mike’s Blog.

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