PM shown pipfruit re­search

Re­search into bulls­eye rot and black spot on pipfruit crops were two ar­eas of Plant & Food Re­search’s work show­cased on the tour of its new labs af­ter the of­fi­cial open­ing.

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Dr gerry averettH who has worked at llant B bood for 27 yearsH showed work she was car­ry­ing out on bulls­eye rot Dne­o­fab­raea al­baE which caused Chi­nese mar­ket ac­cess is­sues for pipfruit for both jew Zealand and qnited StatesJ A “splashome­ter” or wooden stick cov­ered in cel­lo­phane tied on with woolH is used to col­lect its spores from the ground be­neath or­chard treesJ Then a poly­merase chain re­ac­tion DlCRE ma­chine is used to rapidly ac­cess the amount of the spores’ DjA which is pre­sentJ This work has given proof of con­cept that rak­ing out fallen fruit and twigs on the or­chard floor re­sults in less spores be­ing pre­sentJ

She is also study­ing bit­ter rotH look­ing at how spray­ing can stop over-win­ter­ing in in­fected budsH thereby break­ing the dis­ease life­cy­cleJ Re­search as­so­ci­ateH Bro­gan icGre­alH who was a sum­mer stu­dent at llant B boodH showed her work with ap­ple scab or black rotH look­ing for pos­si­ble re­sis­tance in some of the fruit’s genesJ She’s look­ing at the molec­u­lar in­ter­ac­tion be­tween the fruit and pathogen and its life­cy­cleJ This in­volves the pathogen be­ing in­tro­duced on to fruit and leaves with its de­vel­op­ment checked over a pe­riod of days to look for dif­fer­ing growth ratesJ

hab man­agerH fo BowenH was proud to show of the yet to be com­mis­sioned lC O labH com­plete with pneu­matic seal and in­ter­locked doors as well as highly ef­fi­cient air fil­ters. ax­tra per­sonal pro­tec­tive cloth­ing must be worn by all staff en­ter­ing it and de­stroyed be­fore leav­ingJ

lre­vi­ously there was only a lC 2 lab at llant B bood which meant that work with dis­eases not present in jZ could only be car­ried out with dou­ble-boxed de­tached leavesJ With the lC O lab ex­per­i­men­tal work can be car­ried out on liv­ing plants which can be housed in two growth cab­i­netsJ

And rather than some re­search work on in­sects need­ing to be car­ried over­seas as was the case pre­vi­ous­lyH it can be done in this coun­tryJ

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