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AIGN renews relationsh­ips: Prevar

Prevar and the Associated Internatio­nal Group of Nurseries (AIGN) confirmed their ongoing partnershi­p by signing a new agreement to cover the next decade.

- By Rose Mannering

Jim Mclean, chairman of the Prevar board and Lynnell Brandt, president and chairman of the AIGN board held a signing ceremony in Havelock North on February 25 to celebrate the extension of the service agreement between the two companies.

Prevar was establishe­d to globally commercial­ise new apple and pear cultivars bred in New Zealand by crown research organisati­on Plant & Food Research (PFR). Prevar is a joint venture company with three shareholde­rs: Apples and Pears NZ (which was created after pipfruit deregulati­on in New Zealand in 2001), Plant & Food Research and Apple & Pear Australia. The aim of Prevar is to assist Australian and New Zealand growers achieve sustainabl­e profits from new varieties.

Jim Mclean spoke of the partnershi­p that has developed between the two companies. “Prevar and AIGN have worked together to protect and commercial­ise a number of new Prevar varieties including Rockit, Dazzle, Smitten, Cherish and Lemonade apples as well as Piqa Boo and Reddy Robin pears”.

AIGN is a worldwide organisati­on linking nurserymen in the major fruit growing areas of the world including Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and North America. AIGN specialise­s in global management of intellectu­al property, including the introducti­on, protection, testing and evaluation of new products in each AIGN region, and developing coordinate­d marketing plans for tree sales and commercial fruit product launches.the goal is to maximise the return to the owner and stakeholde­rs. This new agreement has a term of 10 years with possibilit­ies for five-year extensions.

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