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The article by Terry Hall (October 12) about our ‘‘savings problem’’ remaining unresolved raises some valid points.

KiwiSaver has been going since 2007 and still very few of the financial services companies in New Zealand have come up with anything near an adequate safe passage of all air traffic through 30 million square kilometres of airspace over and around New Zealand and the South Pacific, Airways New Zealand shares the passion of the Civil Aviation Authority in ensuring safe UAV operations and keeping operators informed of their responsibi­lities.

That’s why we collaborat­ed annuity system. We have currently very few choices once we cash out at 65 years of age, save for stock markets and term deposits.

The former carries too much risk for that time of our lives and the latter offers barely adequate rates and, after tax, can become with the CAA, UAVNZ and Callaghan Innovation to create an essential resource in the website

This online UAV hub helps flyers to understand where they can fly and what they need to know to fly safely, giving them access to airspace maps and a flight planning tool.

The airshare collaborat­ors loss making.

What serious savers need is an annuity system where they can invest the funds and receive a regular income flow for their retirement years.



have a common goal – to facilitate and enable safe UAV activity, and support the industry to grow for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Airshare is a world-leading tool designed to ensure New Zealand remains at the forefront of aviation innovation.


Chief executive, Airways New Zealand

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