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The All Blacks must be breathing a sigh of relief that they face France instead of Ireland in the World Cup quarterfin­als. France are not the force of previous years. The comprehens­ive manner of Ireland’s victory over France means the ABs will need to show a similar dominance over France if their claims to World Cup favouritis­m are to be taken seriously. JOHN WHITTY, Aro Valley Gary Hedges (Points, October 12) has calculated 90 per cent of radio talkback and TV conversati­ons use the irritating sentence filler ‘‘y’know’’. I wonder if he has also calculated a percentage for the ‘‘sort ofs’’ and ‘‘likes’’. That would be like, y’know, sort of, interestin­g to, like, know, y’know. DAVE HENRY, Heretaunga The current flag’s blue background represents the pristine skies and seas around this land for millions of years before humanity arrived. Stars guided the first humans here nearly 1000 years ago. The union flag recalls the origins of the next wave of migration from the British Isles in the last 200 years. Why change the flag? Leave it to the Aussies to change theirs. RON BICHAN, Tawa The hotel proposed for Wellington Airport (October 13) is a shocking monstrosit­y. The gateway to Wellington will be a glassed-in box of cheap materials – functional, but, like Te Papa, a lost opportunit­y to be creative about buildings that are entrancewa­ys and dominant landmarks to the city. Wellington dying? Based on its latest design proposal for the hotel, it is already dead. JOSEPH KENNEALLY, Otaki Like Gary Hedges, I also get annoyed by people who keep saying ‘‘y’know’’, but that is not the only irritant. I was listening to National Radio and two of the people interviewe­d started most sentences off with ‘‘um’’. It got so bad I had to turn the radio off. MAUREEN COPE, Island Bay

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