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Has Apple forgotten computers?

- Blayne


APPLE has offered a plethora of new devices lately, refreshing its iPhone range, and releasing a new iPad and an Apple TV device.

But what about its laptop range? Computers are still relevant and play an important role in our lives, but they are not sexy like smartphone­s or new like smartwatch­es.

The last new laptop from Apple was the MacBook, a 12-inch device that wowed some people with its sleekness and confused others by having only one port. Could Apple announce something laptop related soon, or have computers dropped so far down its priority list that we’re more likely to get a new iPhone before we get a new MacBook redesign?

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised by Apple’s low priority for laptops as it’s been a long time since Apple was a ‘‘computer’’ company. It dropped that word from its name in 2007.

The MacBook Pro as we know it now was released in October 2008 and featured the aluminium unibody design that continues today.

Since then there have been internal tweaks, with the last major change a new trackpad that allows force touch.

If Apple updated its iPhones at the same rate, it would only sell as many phones as Microsoft.

And that is the reason why it is more focused on iPhones than MacBooks – because the iPhone makes Apple a lot of money while computers only contribute about 13 per cent of its revenue, less than the iPad.

However, there could be a MacBook refresh coming soon. Here’s why:

One of Apple’s traits is to trickle down technology. It implements technology on one device and then when it’s successful and cheaper, it’s put into other devices.

Another reason is design. Apple works very hard on having a uniform look and the MacBook Pro range is starting to look like a school kid who forgot it was mufti day. The current MacBook Pro is silver and chunky, whereas its other products are slimmer, stronger and more stylish, boasting colours such as rose gold.

Most computer manufactur­ers, including Apple, are dependent on the Intel for their processors and that company is due to release a new chip soon.

Intel’s next chip is called Skylake and they are due to start appearing in Windows laptops from this month, and in MacBooks from next year.

And while the operating system is the key thing that affects your computing experience, it’s always nice to get a new-look, faster device. If you are a MacBook fan hopefully that won’t be too far away.

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