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Fake doc jailed for ‘exam’


A homeless man who told a pregnant 19-year-old he was a specialist gynaecolog­ist has been jailed for the ‘‘examinatio­n’’ he carried out on her.

Tony Andrew Haxell, 57, has been diagnosed by a psychologi­st as having ‘‘a narcissist­ic personalit­y disorder’’.

Christchur­ch District Court Judge Jane Farish sentenced Haxell yesterday to four years and one month in jail on one charge of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection.

He had been homeless and living rough in Rangiora.

The woman had just found out she was seven or eight weeks pregnant and was having pains.

When they met at a gathering, Haxell claimed he was a medical doctor and a specialist in gynaecolog­y and offered to check everything was all right.

He took the woman into another room and placed his fingers inside her while he carried out an ‘‘examinatio­n’’.

Two days later, the woman lost her baby, though not as a result of anything Haxell had done. Doctors say an examiner could not have felt anything anyway, because the baby would have been the size of a lentil.

When he was interviewe­d by the psychiatri­st, Haxell claimed he was not sexually motivated and it had been an attempt to help the woman. He claimed he had expertise as a veterinari­an and was very good at delivering calves.

He showed ‘‘cognitive distortion­s’’ in not taking responsibi­lity, blaming the victim, claiming consent and minimising the gravity and impact of the offending.

Judge Farish said the woman, who had relatively low intellectu­al functionin­g, ‘‘ feels you have ruined her life.‘‘

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