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Neoliberal­ism’s naked truth

Good article by Chris Trotter. The only things more naked than the belief in neoliberal­ism are the pages of The Press filled with efforts to defend it. In the 80s Labour denuded itself of any credibilit­y and still to this day can’t dress itself. Brian Ward Richmond

He’s got nothing on

Chris Trotter’s analogy between the silent majority in our country and the story of the Emperor’s new clothes is a must read for floating voters. It is time for the silent majority to start whispering, ‘‘Hey guys, nothing is trickling down’’. Brian Pearson Wakefield

Plastic fantastic?

A phone call to The Press confirmed the new plastic wrappers on my newspapers are biodegrada­ble and will break down in landfill. Might not supermarke­t bags be made from similar material? Jim Pollard Ilam

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