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Cyclists get the red light


The statement that ‘‘people that cycle tend to spend more in the shops that they pass by’’ (July 19) can only be made by someone in La La Land.

If Lynette Ellis thinks people are going to be stopping and shopping at abandoned Linwood Village then she needs to take a second look at the drunk vagrants encouraged to hang around the famous Christchur­ch City Council Linwood Village project cafe, which is overgrown with weeds and only open one afternoon a week.

Instead of stopping cyclists will be speeding up and breathing a sigh of relief that they still have their lycra and bike intact when they get to the other side.

Biking is only suitable for a small able-bodied demographi­c. Linwood Village needs vehicle access to survive. Irinka Britnell Linwood Village Survival Group

Green light

Today I cycled along the new cycleway from Lincoln Rd to Simeon St. Marvellous! No traffic to contend with and it couldn’t have been safer.

I eagerly await the proposed cycleway along Sparks Rd to Halswell. This will similarly transform a presently very dangerous route.

These developmen­ts give me hope for the future. Surely there are planning solutions to maintain good access to businesses for those who cannot cycle or walk.

An extensive network of cycleways will encourage more people onto bikes. Businesses will clamour for bike stands. Paul Broady Somerfield

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