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Fantastic plastic bags

In a few words


Jim Pollard will be delighted to know that supermarke­t bags are biodegrada­ble. Well, the one I had my toys in was.

S Percival


Political timing

It seems to me that we are besieged with politician­s who know all about education costs, immigratio­n, shonky coalmines, wool prices, global warming, cheaper houses, etc – all of which everybody else has known about for 21⁄2 years. Hamish Petrie


Turei not the only one

Before baying too loudly for Metiria Turei’s blood, we are well advised to check our own closets. Cashies, dodgy expense claims, fibbing to the IRD, dubious tenancy arrangemen­ts, and ducking and diving to avoid complying with employment and consumer protection laws are also illegal. Let’s hope that impoverish­ed beneficiar­ies and the working poor will now vote for somebody who has the guts to put her neck on the line to stand up for them.

David Marra


Spotting the demented

Rosemary McLeod’s descriptio­n of the demented old lady found wearing a purple polka-dot onesie made me think: If all those suffering from dementia wore similar garments, they would be easy to spot when they went walkabout. No-one else would be seen dead wearing one.

Vic Smith


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