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Spend more on health


Your editorial and articles (Jul 20) on the claimed underminin­g of the Canterbury DHB by the Ministry of Health are revealing of a problem not just of contentiou­s data but also of policies our ministry is tasked to pursue.

The core issue seems not only whether locally specific demographi­cs – numbers of older people, mental health victims, overseas rebuilders, physically challenged or accident-prone farmworker­s, un- or under-housed – have been misread, underestim­ated and are therefore un-provisione­d for.

Our experience­d doctors are asserting, I think more importantl­y, that making unrealisti­c budget balancing a matter primarily of CEO or board competence effectivel­y derails pressure for policy change.

As a freelancer visiting Christchur­ch in April for a story on health provision, I learned our policy of spending 6 per cent of GDP on health is half that now recommende­d by British doctors associatio­ns. They too are finally speaking out on behalf of patients and profession.

Steve Liddle


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