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Change PMH reviewers


The report ‘‘We don’t want to go there’’ on Princess Margaret Hospital (Jul 20) makes depressing and disappoint­ing reading.

Clearly the government­appointed reviewers were incompeten­t; their sensibilit­ies were so delicate that they were not prepared to do the vital inspection­s of facilities still in daily use by patients, citing offense to their sensibilit­ies. Poor things.

It seems there is a very high need for the services being provided there, so soundly based decisions need to be made very soon.

It is unclear in the article, but it seems that the reviewers were appointed by the Ministry of Health. In that case the MOH should appoint another set of reviewers urgently, choosing people who are not only profession­ally competent, but also possessing commonsens­e and a practical turn of mind.

Those patients deserve a much better result from this nonexercis­e.

Brian Swale


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