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Court Theatre costs


More madness from those that appear fiscally deficient: A car park costing $27.6 million getting a return of about $1m. That’s a ROI of approx 3.6 per cent before rates, insurance maintenanc­e, interest and tax, etc.

Fifty square metres of retail space will give about three shops the size of the average bedroom.

What about the usual blowout of constructi­on budgets?

We have the Town Hall, that had an estimated $80m to demolish and rebuild but has now costs $124m to date because the fiscally deficient decided to repair.

It has to be asked why another venue is required when we have the Town Hall, the Theatre Royal and, at some stage, hopefully, the convention centre.

It is time for the city council to close the wallet before the only thing left to come out will be moths.

Red Sapwell


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