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Fancy fundraisin­g for city art unwise


John Burns (Jul 21) is right to question our attitude to the costs of flash civic amenities. He is right to point out that Christchur­ch is not a wealthy city, though it has some wealthy families. They are getting their names inscribed prominentl­y. For most of us, the sums being tossed around by politician­s and leaders of the art community are beyond our resources and desires.

The Christchur­ch Art Gallery, having been encouraged by the crowd fundraisin­g for the bull, now seeks $1 million for a Ron Muerk sculpture and crows that four generous donors have taken them a long way to that target. Such spending by the rates-financed gallery simply takes away a livelihood from more modest local artists and avoids the need to live within a budget. It is swank.

Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church is encouragin­g local musicians who are holding weekly concerts at the pro-cathedral with the takings going to the CBS rebuild fund. The bishops of Christchur­ch understood that fundraisin­g for status buildings must be modest and secondary to fundraisin­g for the mission. There is feeling for the people in that attitude. Corallyn Newman Cashmere

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