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Treasury bullying CDHB


Am I alone in finding it ironic that the Auckland Council is receiving a no-interest $300 million loan for housing support infrastruc­ture, while the CDHB has to pay 6 per cent interest to Treasury for a hospital rebuild which was considered at length pre-quakes, but deemed not necessary?

These are both necessary projects. The first case being in large part due to demand caused by the present government persisting with a per-capita inward migration quota that is a multiple of that of Australia and Britain. Here we have a blinkered cabinet, a disinteres­ted minister and a serially incompeten­t ministry who cannot see that they risk grinding a highly functionin­g organisati­on into further distress by condoning drive-by bully-boy tactics from Treasury.

Giving CDHB a capital cost holiday in a time of surplus, when the root cause is not its incompeten­ce but the rigid ideologica­l imposing financial doctrine by central government in the aftermath of natural disasters, will not create a precedent that any other sensible DHB would covet.

Be fair, Messrs English and Joyce. Call off your dogs and start some sensible dialogue, please. Dr Paul Wilson Tauranga

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