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Flooding can be stopped


The problem of potential flooding of the Heathcote River has been well known for many years. What to do about it?

I have lived in a country where rivers like the Heathcote are no more than creeks, but the Dutch have tamed massive roaring rivers. A large part of the population there live below sea level and are protected by dams and dykes.

Christchur­ch is also protected by dams around the Waimakarir­i. The Grey River used to flood Greymouth for years until a low dam was build and now the town is wel protected.

Why can the Heathcote River not also be contained by dikes? They don’t have to be very high to be effective. They could be attractive when landscaped and would save much heartache and money in the long term. Wilhelmus J Noordanus Avonside

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