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Aussie’s shooting death may have been filmed


UNITED STATES: A mystery cyclist filmed part of the fatal encounter between US police and Australian Justine Damond, offering a potential breakthrou­gh in the investigat­ion.

Minneapoli­s police officer Mohamed Noor and his partner Matthew Harrity were criticised for not having their body or vehicle dash cameras on when they were called to an alley behind Damond’s home a week ago.

Authoritie­s announced on Saturday they had identified and interviewe­d a male cyclist who was spotted at the scene.

Days earlier they had asked for the mystery man to come forward.

The Minneapoli­s Star Tribune reported yesterday a source with direct knowledge of the investigat­ion said the witness filmed part of the encounter. What he filmed was not released.

Damond, 40, formerly of Sydney’s northern beaches, called police about 11.30pm last Saturday after hearing a woman’s screams and fearing a sexual assault was taking place.

As Damond suddenly approached the police vehicle Officer Noor shot across his partner and struck Damond in the stomach.

Noor has so far refused to be interviewe­d by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehensi­on, which is investigat­ing the shooting. The BCA cannot be compel him to answer their questions.


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