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1. The soft part of bread that’s rum in the mid­dle (5)

4. Swin­dle the class, but com­ply (7)

6. VAT seem rot­ten, any­how? That’s an ex­ag­ger­a­tion (4-9)

10. Sort of bas­ket to cover both ends of fish (5)

11. Of­fended dig­nity one will take off for miss­ing cap­ture


12. Ter­ri­ers go back in­side for ancient gar­ment (4)

16. For­mer piece of leg­is­la­tion is ac­cu­rate (5)

17. Oslo night-riot or­gan­ised by one with an eye for the birds (13)

19. Man who posts first of let­ters in­side is Slim (7)

20. Some­thing that spins on ice end­lessly is the sub­ject



1. How one makes a meal of lit­er­a­ture? Fid­dles the ac­counts! (5,3,5)

2. Un­der sep­a­rate, emo­tional head­ings, find what’s cus­tom­ary (3)

3. Dry as wine in the part one will cut in two (6)

4. Credit a set-up with their use in pack­ing (6)

5. Lack the French hy­po­der­mic (6)

6. Be­gan play and was dis­missed for hav­ing been more ex­pan­sive (6,3)

7. Cloth is ticked half off for not be­ing con­cerned with heaven (13)

9. Nice fu­neral ar­ranged with­out Aca­demi­cian’s string­pulling (9)

13. Might have been se­date when in the chair (6)

14. In­dul­gence shown for party colours (6)

15. To the great­est de­gree must, to change it (6)

18. A bun­dle of mis­chief dim­ples re­vealed (3)

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