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1. Short line on let­ter be­ing re­turned, gets rid of one (5) 4. Moan about the back­ward-fac­ing de­tec­tives wan­der­ing about (7)

8. Act to be adapted to a sur­plice (5)

9. Small quan­tity of cod Mum sup­plies one with (7)

10. He was no buck, the plain­tiff John (3)

11. One en­ter­ing cham­pi­onships must study the boat be­hind (9)

12. A great mul­ti­tude for one who keeps open house (4)

13. Don’t start to throw it at a scratch event (4)

18. Cain’s mule, it turned out, wasn’t at all la­dy­like (9)

20. A rush for pay­ment that is scored (3)

21. A do­mes­tic saver might go to the Na­tional The­atre (7)

22. It is crim­i­nal proof of be­ing oth­er­wise en­gaged (5)

23. Al­low a point once the Di­plo­matic Corps turns to the East (7)

24. It is laid at the start, raised at the end, like Lady­smith (5)


1. Braved trou­ble, the way player ad­dressed him­self to score (5,3,5)

2. Dogs that are set on de­sert­ers? (7)

3. Al­most ob­serve a span­ner in­volv­ing a thor­ough look (6)

4. Call­ing for gin, man gets tipsy (6)

5. Un­in­tel­li­gent turnover will trap a very small per­son (6)

6. Was chop­ping in the kitchen as one threw gam­ing cubes (5)

7. Prove scheme, in shuf­fle, to be all-in­clud­ing (13)

14. In­sect to merit a change and be up in French (7)

15. Man of the church could bring about a truce (6)

16. There’s not much for such novel women (6)

17. Yes: cad rots in such a fash­ion (6)

19. Se­duc­tive woman might have given one the all clear (5)

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