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Pregnancy massage ‘a great joy’

- Helen Forrest

I would like to inform everyone about one of the great enjoyment activities in my life: pregnancy massage.

The benefits of pregnancy massage can improve the overall prenatal health of many pregnant women. Along with the guidance and advice of a prenatal care adviser, massage therapy can be incorporat­ed into routine prenatal care.

As an emotional and physical health supplement, this wonderful treatment has been shown to improve pregnancy outcome and maternal health.

Women can begin massage therapy at any point in their pregnancy, either first, second or third trimester.

Some clients prefer to wait until any morning sickness has subsided and they can truly appreciate the benefits of the massage. I will leave that one up to you.

Imagine lying on a massage table in a pleasant room, dim lights and soft music, having some of your cares massaged away.

I prefer to massage my pregnant clients in a side-lying position. This is a much more relaxing position to be in. The room temperatur­e will be adjusted to suit the individual client.

Tables are available with a hole to accommodat­e the growing baby, but I’m not so sure about them; we are all different in size and shape. What may suit one day may not suit the next month. Best to start off in a really relaxed position.

It is a great joy in my life to be involved with my pregnant clients during this very exciting time in their journey. I love the trust my clients place in me to help reduce any back and joint pain associated with this natural condition.

Massage therapy at this time can reduce stress and anxiety, help to improve circulatio­n, reduce swelling in hands and feet, reduce muscle tension and the odd headache, therefore improving sleep.

In the past I have offered instructio­n for the birth partner in how to massage during contractio­ns. This is one really good way to instil confidence in the partner.

Before moving to Christchur­ch I was extremely involved in the lives of young pregnant women in my hometown.

At one stage I was nursing part-time in the maternity ward, working as a massage therapist, counsellin­g those with postnatal depression and tutoring baby massage classes for Parents Centre.

Often the same women came through. Some of these lovely ladies had attended school with my sons so there was an immediate and ongoing closeness between us.

So come to see me for your pregnancy massage treatments. You will be treated with care, respect, humour, honesty and guaranteed confidenti­ality. Expect to be given simple exercises, stretches and advice about how to stand correctly.

 ??  ?? Former nurse Helen Forrest has a Diploma of Massage Therapy and numerous other qualificat­ions.
Former nurse Helen Forrest has a Diploma of Massage Therapy and numerous other qualificat­ions.

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