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Four reasons you should install fibre

Over two and a half million people using fibre in New Zealand – but some people are still not convinced


Over two and half million New Zealanders get home at the end of the day to a fibre broadband connection that ensures they can do all the things they want online. Yet, many other New Zealanders still put up with a poor performing internet connection when they do not need to, which begs the question: why?

Christchur­ch-based fibre broadband provider Enable, runs the network that provides over 120,000 connection­s and hears a lot of stories from those people for whom a fibre connection is essential.

Enable hears less from those who have not switched to fibre broadband yet and is worried that some of these people are missing out because they do not understand all the facts. Enable recently completed some research to better understand what customers on old technologi­es such as copper broadband or lower performing services like fixed wireless* believe and why they stay on these services.

This research highlighte­d some key themes including, wanting to get fibre but believing gaining approval from neighbours or landlords is hard, worries about new infrastruc­ture installati­on damaging properties, wanting to stick with copper broadband or simply thinking that changing is not worth the hassle.

Copper broadband will not be around forever

It is a fact that copperbase­d telephone and broadband services will not be available forever. Some telecommun­ications providers are already beginning to shut down the remaining copper services in some parts of New Zealand – such as Spark’s plans in

Devonport and Miramar. No announceme­nts have been made for Christchur­ch or surroundin­g towns, but it is likely only a matter of time. Customers can get ahead of these changes by making the switch to fibre now.

Getting consent to install fibre is easier thanks to recent law changes

A couple of years ago, the Government made changes to the Telecommun­ications Act 2001 that make it easier for many customers to get fibre installed at their home. In a lot of situations in shared driveways, private roads and multiowner buildings, Enable can apply these new rules and customers can avoid long waits for consent from neighbours or building owners.

Installing fibre is usually easy and can have very little impact on properties

Enable uses a variety of methods to install fibre – with a big focus on using the installati­on type that has the least impact on a property.

Methods like slot cutting (a thin 10 millimetre cut in hard surfaces) or installing the network on a fence railing, can leave very little impact on a property. Of course, every property is different, and some methods cannot be used in some situations.

The value placed on fibre broadband comes down to the individual

There are lots of reasons why people switch to fibre. The obvious ones are because they want a better internet experience and for their families to be able to do all the things they want online. Other reasons can include fibre improving house value or simply because the installati­on by Enable is still free in almost all residentia­l connection situations.

Everyone should think about switching to fibre now, so they do not miss out on one or all of these benefits. *Based on the Commerce Commission’s Winter 2020 Broadband Comparison Report.

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