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5-minute quiz


1. What historic event happened at Manganuiot­eao, between Ohakune and National Park, in 1908?

2. The Tampa Bay Rays play which sport?

3. Which celebrity cook and food writer was a co-founder of the home-delivery meal service My Food Bag?

4. Complete the title of a hit song by Paul Simon: Fifty Ways to ...

5. In the New Zealand Parliament, what is the title of the official who sits directly in front of the Speaker?

6. Au fond du temple saint is a famous male duet fromwhich opera by Bizet?

7. New Zealanders Jeff Bell, Sharon Murdoch, Garrick Tremain and Chris Slane attained prominence as what?

8. King Farouk was the ruler of which Middle Eastern country?

9. Who would be most likely to use the word rallentand­o: a chef, a musician or a ballet dancer?

10. The TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is set in what city?

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