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Buck being passed to RB on housing


Classic pass-the-buck manoeuvre by the finance minister re housing.

Having absolutely failed to deliver on the still PM’s exorbitant KiwiBuild promises from 2017 onwards, the new Government exhorts the Reserve Bank to pull its socks up.

True; the RB does have a role to play around setting interest rates and/or lending conditions. Yet it’s also been asked to engage in an unpreceden­ted money-printing exercise, which drives rates in one direction only.

One simply cannot have it every which way! Especially when key institutio­ns and their independen­ce is at stake – only recently highlighte­d by the PM.

But that’s exactly where the heads of our current NZ political leaders are: in the clouds, imagining the world is to be dreamed up at their Wellington­ian whim.

Meanwhile, the very realities of downto-earth Kiwis continue to belie such nonsense, as they still wait for true delivery of basic government­al action. But maybe they’re dreamin’?

Bryden Black, Merivale

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