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Happy to be stupid


A note to Hans Andersen: I’m happy to be called stupid for wearing a mask on an aircraft, if it means that I am reducing the chances of infecting others or being infected with Sars-CoV-2, which leads to Covid-19. Having recently had a nasty virus, with a Covid-19 test being negative, having my brain tickled was no joke! Fortunatel­y for New Zealand, we do not have a Trumpian-style prime minister who knows everything but nothing, and instead Ms Ardern relies on the advice of scientists as to how to combat this vicious disease. In her role as the leader of this country, she informs rather than tells us what we should be doing. It is only because there will be people who have no compunctio­n about enforcing what they call their ‘‘rights’’ that wearing masks in confined spaces on public transport needs to be legally mandated for the greater good of all.

Michael Gousmett, Rangiora

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