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1703 – A two-day stormrages through southern England, flooding the Thames and Severn rivers and killing at least 8000 people.

1789 – A day of Thanksgivi­ng is set aside by United States President GeorgeWash­ington to observe the adoption of America’s Constituti­on.

1922 – The tomb of King Tutankhame­n is opened in Egypt.

1939 – Stalin attacks Finland, leading to 105-dayWinterW­ar.

1940 – Half amillion Jews of Warsaw, Poland, are ordered to live within a walled ghetto.

1941 – US President Franklin Roosevelt signs a bill officially establishi­ng the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgivi­ng Day.

1942 – Casablanca has its world premiere in New York.

1960 – Keith Holyoake, left, begins 12-year reign as New Zealand prime minister, defeating Walter Nash’s Labour government.

1975 – A jury in California finds Lynette ‘‘Squeaky’’ Fromme, a CharlesMan­son follower, guilty of trying to assassinat­e US President Gerald Ford.

1976 – Sex Pistols release their debut single, Anarchy In The UK.

1983 – A record £26 million in gold bullion, diamonds and cash is stolen from the Brink’s-Mat warehouse near Heathrow Airport. Most of the gold has not been recovered.

1992 – The Queen announces she will start paying taxes on her personal income.

2006 – Ireland play their last rugby internatio­nal at Lansdowne Road, beating a Pacific Islanders team 61-17.

2008 – Gunmen storm luxury hotels, a tourist attraction and a railway station inMumbai, killing at least 172 people.


Charles Schulz, US cartoonist (1922-2000); Tina Turner, US pop singer (1939-); Marilynne Robinson, US author (1943-); John McVie, Fleetwood Mac musician (1945-); Rita Ora, Kosovo-born UK singer (1990-).

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