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Why hasn’t he been charged?

- Joe Bennett

Why isn’t Trump in jail? It’s only fair that he should be. Fairness is hard to define and even harder to achieve, but the sense of it is instinctiv­e. Children know exactly what’s fair and what isn’t.

Fairness put into legal effect is justice, and justice is famously blind because it treats all people impartiall­y, regardless of status. The USA has a Department of Justice. So why isn’t Trump in jail?

What crimes should he be tried for? Take your pick from sexual crime, financial crime, homicide by negligence, and treason, though there are doubtless others.

Twenty or so women have accused Trump of sexual assault, going back decades. Their stories are similar to each other, but even more similar to Trump’s own confession. On the Access Hollywood tape he boasts of doing exactly what he’s accused of – thrusting himself on women uninvited, kissing them, grabbing them by the crotch, and all because ‘‘when you’re a star they let you do it’’. Why hasn’t he been charged?

Trump is a bundle of psychopath­ic urges dressed in a suit and red hat. He wants sex, so he takes it. He wants money, so he takes that too. He’s undoubtedl­y laundered foreign money through his real estate. ‘‘We get all the money we need out of Russia,’’ said one of his stupid sons.

But, as with that other criminal Capone, the way to get him is on his taxes.

You can guarantee he’s cheated on his taxes, which is why he’s refused to release his tax returns.

As president, Trump took an oath to protect his country and its citizens. But when a pandemic occurred he ignored scientific advice, called the virus a hoax and held events that spread the disease. Over half a million Americans have died. Under an honest president hundreds of thousands of them would have lived.

And with treason. We know for a fact that Russia helped manipulate the election that Trump won.

And we know for a fact that Trump’s campaign manager fed informatio­n to a Russian spy who fed it to the Kremlin. That campaign manager was Paul Manafort, who was later convicted of various crimes and imprisoned, whereupon Trump pardoned him. But Trump had the power to pardon him only because of the election win that they had both conspired with Russia to achieve.

Conspiring with a foreign power against the USA is treason. Why hasn’t Trump been charged?

Hundreds of Trump supporters have been charged with violently invading the Capitol. They invaded because they believed Trump won the election. And they believed that because Trump told them.

They were the criminal foot soldiers, but he was the criminal commander. Why hasn’t he been charged?

It may be that the Department of Justice is still cocking its gun. I hope so.

But if he isn’t charged, that’s that. Justice will not have been done. The grifters and parasites will be emboldened. And a new Trump will arise for them to slobber over.

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