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grant.shim­[email protected] had heard of a year ago . . . but we’ve also been in­tro­duced to a neo-Marx­ist the­ory called in­ter­sec­tion­al­ity’’, rolling his literary eyes in ex­as­per­a­tion, that’s ques­tion­ing that com­mu­nity’s right to ex­ist as who they are. Hands up, by the way, if you’d heard of the trans com­mu­nity a year ago. I thought so.

When we pref­ace our self­cen­tred frus­tra­tion with phrases like ‘‘in my day’’, wist­fully re­mem­ber­ing how good life was, we’re ig­nor­ing the fact that for many oth­ers it was pretty bloody des­per­ate. Still is, in some cases.

Sui­cide rates in the trans com­mu­nity are sev­eral times higher than the na­tional av­er­age. Scout Bar­bour-Evans, a trans man who has put their long-awaited tran­si­tion on hold as they’re ex­pect­ing a baby, im­mi­nently, knows all too well ‘‘what it is to be pub­licly trans­gen­der’’.

Scout ad­mits to some ‘‘ma­jor sui­cide at­tempts’’, which ‘‘stopped when I was able to ac­cess tran­si­tion’’, but even they recog­nise ‘‘the priv­i­lege of not be­ing a trans woman’’, be­cause the lat­ter are marginalised even fur­ther than trans men, even by some in the LGBTQI com­mu­nity.

But as a les­bian friend who sup­ports trans women’s rights pointed out to me, if a preda­tory man wanted to sex­u­ally as­sault women, which is sug­gested in some quar­ters as the rea­son some men

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