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1. Send one down, being concerned with joint one consumed (8)

7. Sound made by man in extremes of censure (5)

8. One on protracted hike may stroll along in car (7)

9. Is the French to include Greek ‘p’ for this letter? (7)

10. Where to swim: back it doubles back on itself (4)

12. Under a misapprehe­nsion, did drop one when about to escape (7)

14. Balance of estate showing turn forbidden in 14 Down (7)

17. Apply for shares to sell immediatel­y – a men-only affair (4)

18. Was seated holding broken line, having an angle in defence (7)

21. At home to 150, at home to the East – or tend to do so (7)

22. For instance, among medical people they’re left in the bottle (5)

23. Didn’t take kindly to being dispatched when held by mouthpiece (8)


1. It is not often shown how the Gunners are dependent (6)

2. They satirise people soon to change after some light source (8)

3. One who is easily conned is a bird (4)

4. What holds conversati­on together may be an eyeful for sempstress (6)

5. Some obscurity one soundly felt the need of (4)

6. To resist attack is half made to look out for oneself (6)

7. Small person clasping the French just off the ice, perhaps (7)

11. Pops the opposite? Judges for the second time, perhaps (7)

13. Whereabout­s I’d turned up, sticking rigidly to rules (8)

14. Turn out of 14 Across to take up one’s abode (6)

15. Topless people grow weary, but they’re all there (6)

16. Silver given to 17 perhaps, turning up as had been decided (6)

19. German art song looks as if it has been romancing (4)

20. Offenbach eventually revealed what person has to suffer (4)

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