Shar­ing home gar­den abun­dance


Au­tumn is the time of year when lo­cal gar­dens are of­ten over­flow­ing with pro­duce.

With enough time and space in the freezer or pantry, the sur­plus can be pre­served and stored to eat later in the year.

But what if you can’t keep up with putting aside your gar­den’s abun­dance?

While it is not ex­actly waste­ful to feed it to the chick­ens or let the worms re­turn its good­ness to the soil, it is a pity to see good food not go­ing to feed peo­ple who would ap­pre­ci­ate it.

A sim­ple solution to this prob­lem is to share it. In Feild­ing, a Shar­ing Ta­ble is lo­cated at the Shar­ing Gar­den on the cor­ner of North and Duke St. The idea is sim­ple - give what you can and take what you need.

At this time of the year there is usu­ally a steady flow of fruits and veg­eta­bles com­ing and go­ing, as those with more than they can use leave their sur­plus for oth­ers to take home.

As well as food, plants and other gar­den­ing items have also been shared.

The Shar­ing Ta­ble was built from in­ex­pen­sive, reused ma­te­ri­als and only takes a bit of time for a vol­un­teer to make sure it stays tidy.

Some­times a large do­na­tion of pro­duce will be bro­ken down into smaller quan­ti­ties to make it eas­ier for peo­ple to take a fair share.

While Tran­si­tion Feild­ing’s Shar­ing Ta­ble is lo­cated at the com­mu­nity gar­den, there is no rea­son why peo­ple couldn’t set one up at the front fence of their own home.

This was done re­cently in Tai­hape. The ‘Share A Lit­tle’ ta­ble was an in­stant suc­cess.

Those in­ter­ested in start­ing a Shar­ing Ta­ble and would like some help, should email Transi- tion Feild­ing at info@tran­si­tion­feild­

Tran­si­tion Feild­ing is made up of peo­ple from town and coun­try who co-op­er­ate to cre­ate a more re­silient com­mu­nity.

The world­wide Tran­si­tion move­ment is based on the ethics of earth care, peo­ple care and fair share. For more in­for­ma­tion visit tran­si­tion­feild­, or find them on Face­book.


Tran­si­tion Feild­ing’s Shar­ing Ta­ble at the Shar­ing Gar­den on the cor­ner of North and Duke St.

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