Dig­i­tal pa­rade


A kalei­do­scope of ideas, char­ac­ters, shapes and forms will glide down the cat­walk in a wear­able arts show with pic­tures on Thurs­day night.

Palmer­ston North Girls’ High year 10 vis­ual arts stu­dents will stage their an­nual wear­able arts show, with year 10 vis­ual imag­ing stu­dents adding a dig­i­tal pa­rade of char­ac­ter an­i­ma­tions to the mix.

About 100 girls have spent six weeks build­ing, stitch­ing, sculpt­ing and cod­ing the cos­tumes and char­ac­ters, with the theme ‘epic’.

A group of year 9 stu­dents will also present a se­ries of masks made to rep­re­sent the theme of ‘Ki­wiana’.

Tirzah Vogt, 14, ex­plored her love of The Bea­tles through her cos­tume cre­ation.

She used old cur­tains and cut, sewed and painted them into a Sergeant Pep­per-style mil­i­tary jacket, with im­ages painted across the rest of the gar­ment.

‘‘My fo­cus was on rep­re­sent­ing the song­writ­ing by John Len­non - he’s the wal­rus - and Paul Mc­Cart­ney - he’s the egg - and the di­vi­sion and ri­valry.

‘‘But I’ve got peace and love on the back - The Bea­tles’ main ide­ol­ogy, and what they try to put across in all of th­ese songs.’’

Lak­shitha Ravi­raj, 14, en­tered the ‘Pa­cific’ wear­able arts cat­e­gory, and said re­design­ing to over­come chal­lenges had thrown some in­ter­est­ing twists into her

dress and tiara de­sign. ‘‘It’s called Tears of Mother Na­ture.

‘‘It’s sup­posed to be wa­ter­falls that are tears, and in the bot­tom there’s go­ing to be more rub­bish - she’s cry­ing be­cause the world’s pol­luted.’’

She had re­designed to cre­ate more leg room at the base for mo­bil­ity, lead­ing to the ad­di­tion of mist clouds bil­low­ing at the base of the wa­ter­fall.

Palm leaves on each side of her back cre­ated an­gel-like green wings.

Cre­at­ing the cos­tume had taken ‘‘ages’’, she said.

‘‘The base is all card­board, with crushed news­pa­per to give the tex­ture of the wa­ter.’’


From left: Darcy Craw, 14, Ar­den Craw, 14, and Alyssa Har­vey, 14, are count­ing down to show­time.

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