In a spin: From TV critic to TV show.

A web­site that has spent much of its life crit­i­cis­ing tele­vi­sion now has a show of its own. Kerry Har­vey re­ports.

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For four years, the guys at The Spinoff web­site have been com­ment­ing – of­ten con­tro­ver­sially – on lo­cal tele­vi­sion and now they are on the box them­selves.

On the eve of the launch of The Spinoff TV on Three, the web­site’s founder and man­ag­ing ed­i­tor Dun­can Grieve is still a lit­tle stunned.

“For most of our life we’ve writ­ten about tele­vi­sion on the in­ter­net and very much felt like out­siders, and even when we’d go along to events we’d feel like the naughty kids sneak­ing into the grown-ups’ events,” he says.

“At last year’s Voy­ager’s (Me­dia Awards) I won re­viewer of the year for, among other things, kind of sav­aging Filthy Rich over and over again and now other critics get the chance to have a go at our show.

“I’m sure some of the TV makers who we’ve lac­er­ated at var­i­ous times in the past will be wait­ing for us to fail with an un­holy pas­sion and we ab­so­lutely wel­come that.” The Spinoff TV will of­fer high­lights of the week’s in­ter­net cov­er­age plus ex­tras. “When you’re a news show you are sort of ob­li­gated to cover ev­ery­thing and there are cer­tain re­spon­si­bil­i­ties that go along with that which we don’t want,” Grieve says. While Grieve ex­pects the show will ap­peal to younger view­ers, he knows it al­ready has a strong fol­low­ing among baby boomers. “We talk about ap­peal­ing to a psy­cho­graphic rather than a de­mo­graphic so peo­ple have a par­tic­u­lar mind­set rather than an age,” he says. “The show will have se­ri­ous work on it at times. It will hope­fully be funny, it will cer­tainly have strong opin­ions, it will be a lit­tle bit chaotic and prob­a­bly not as clean or as slick as things you are used to see­ing on TV. “There is no point in us repli­cat­ing some­thing that al­ready ex­ists else­where. For us to have a rea­son to ex­ist at all, we need to be dif­fer­ent.”

Dun­can Grieve

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