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I to­tally agree with Bron­wyn McAlpine (Mr Telly, Oc­to­ber 4). The view­ers of Coro­na­tion Street are all ab­so­lutely sick and tired of the way they are treated by the pro­gram­mers. Why can’t TVNZ’s head pro­gram­mer John Kelly (or should I say Ned Kelly be­cause of the way view­ers of Coro Street are be­ing held to ran­som), go into the meet­ing room and say, “Right, let’s get this Coro Street sorted out once and for all”. And do it. Agree on a reg­u­lar and rea­son­able times­lot ... not af­ter 9.30pm which ob­vi­ously is most un­pop­u­lar. Get the days, time and length sorted and stick with it. Then for­get it and leave it alone to play on its merry way. The re­sult? Happy Coro view­ers at long last. Surely, this can’t be too hard for your team to agree on. Think of all the time left to mess around, chop and change all those other pro­grammes. What fun for you all...

Mary C Jones (Auck­land)

As a reg­u­lar TV Guide reader and a Coro fan I would like to of­fer my tup­pence worth. I de­cided to stick with the old Coro­na­tion Street episodes play­ing at 1pm ev­ery week­day. Not once has TVNZ 1 de­vi­ated from this sched­ule and I am very happy with the de­ci­sion I made. I record it and watch it in the evening and have re­ally en­joyed the numer­ous sto­ry­lines that have been on since the changes. It is an­other op­tion that Coro fans should con­sider if they are un­happy with the evening time slot.

Janet (Christchurch)

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