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How can you tell when a moth farts?

He flies straight for a sec­ond!

Emmy Clyne (North Can­ter­bury)

What do you get when you sit un­der a cow?

A pat on the head!

Mikayla Cross (Auck­land)

What lies in a pram and wob­bles?

A jelly baby!

Tyson Scar­lett (Hamil­ton)

What do you call a man with seag­ulls on his head?


Tay­lor Roberts (Whangarei)

What did the taxi driver say to the man with one leg and no arms?

You ’arm­less, ’arm­less, hop in!

Ella Latty (South­land)

Why was the pea so good at es­cap­ing?

Be­cause he was an es­cape-pea! (Es­capee)

Sa­mara Pin­son (Wells­ford)

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