Steve Mc­Don­ald’s seven mar­riages


1. Vicky Ar­den (1995)

She was the posh grand­daugh­ter of publi­can Alec Gil­roy. But the cou­ple were too young, and too dif­fer­ent, and the mar­riage didn’t last.

2. Karen Phillips (2001)

Steve mar­ried Karen for a bet but they fell in love. Karen then wanted a di­vorce so they could marry again in style.

3. Karen (again, 2004)

Tracy Bar­low gate­crashed this wed­ding to an­nounce she was preg­nant with Steve’s baby (Amy). Karen de­cided to wed Steve any­way but the mar­riage was

doomed from then on.

4. Becky Granger (2009)

Steve left Michelle Con­nor to marry the volatile Becky. But this mar­riage was again wrecked by Tracy.

5. Tracy Bar­low (2012)

On their wed­ding day, Steve found out that Tracy had lied about hav­ing had a mis­car­riage so he dumped her.

6. Michelle Con­nor (2015)

Michelle took Steve back and mar­ried him. How­ever, dur­ing a bad patch, Steve slept with Leanne who be­came preg­nant. When Michelle found out she de­manded a di­vorce.

7. Tracy (again, 2018)

Steve and Tracy just can’t seem to keep apart. It has been a rough start to mar­ried life so far but who knows how long this mar­riage will last.

Tracy and Steve’s first wed­ding day

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