Short­land Street re­turns this week with the clinic staff strug­gling to deal with the deaths of two of their num­ber. While Nurse Kate Han­nah (Lau­rel Deve­nie) tries to cope with the death of her para­medic hus­band Mo (Jarod Rawiri) from his in­juries in a sma

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Kerry-Lee Dew­ing talks about life as Short­land Street’s an­gel of death.

As Short­land Street ac­tress Kerry-Lee Dew­ing strad­dled co-star Ryan O’Kane in a scene where her char­ac­ter suf­fo­cates him, her mind went blank.

“I lost any sense of re­al­ity in the mo­ment,” she says of the tran­si­tion of her char­ac­ter Nurse Kylie Brown from min­is­ter­ing an­gel to aveng­ing an­gel. “You be­gin and they call cut and you are like, ‘Ooh, what did hap­pen?’ ”

At the end of last sea­son, Kylie wed O’Kane’s char­ac­ter, Dr Dy­lan Rein­hart, but mur­dered him a few days later when he was un­masked as a se­rial mur­derer whose vic­tims in­cluded her sis­ter, Ju­lia (Jes­sica Joy Wood) and also the un­born child she was car­ry­ing for Kylie.

“I think at some point she’ll have to pay her dues.”

– Kerry-Lee Dew­ing

In an­other twist, it seems pos­si­ble the new ‘Killer Kylie’ might also be re­spon­si­ble for the mur­der of Fern­dale rapist Ian Reid (Phil Vaughan), who was killed in his hos­pi­tal bed.

Dew­ing says in a bid to make the sto­ry­line as re­al­is­tic as pos­si­ble, she iso­lated her­self from the rest of the Shorty Street cast.

“I care about my work and I want to do it jus­tice. I couldn’t be laugh­ing and jok­ing around and then, when they call ‘Ac­tion’, pull some­thing like that off.

“I car­ried that anx­i­ety with me for the pe­riod of shoot­ing and for a cou­ple of weeks be­fore that. I was com­pletely con­sumed by it. I can’t just pack it away for a Satur­day and Sun­day and then just come back and pick it all up again. I just went, ‘This is my job and I’m just go­ing to go nuts for a lit­tle while’.”

A strong fan favourite af­ter six years as Fern­dale’s most pop­u­lar nurse, Dew­ing says kind-and-car­ing Kylie’s tran­si­tion to ‘Killer Kylie’ makes her feel like she is play­ing a dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter and she be­lieves there will be no go­ing back for ei­ther her or Kylie.

“It was a great story to get me to there. Hav­ing the char­ac­ter of Dy­lan com­ing in for the pe­riod of time he did was a nice jour­ney to­wards that big shift. I was re­ally hon­oured.”

Dy­lan – who quickly be­came the most re­viled char­ac­ter on the drama – had mur­dered three women be­fore he fell for Kylie. While view­ers knew his his­tory, she did not.

How­ever, even though fans wanted the char­ac­ter gone, Dew­ing is un­sure how they will re­act to the cir­cum­stances sur­round­ing his exit.

“Ini­tially I think they’ll be stoked that she did away with him, fi­nally, but I don’t know, I re­ally don’t,” she says.

“I’m very in­ter­ested to see what’s go­ing to hap­pen be­cause there’s a sig­nif­i­cant change and I think it’s go­ing to take them a while to come to terms with this.

“I think they will em­pathise with her in what she’s been through to a cer­tain ex­tent. A lot of it can be put down to PTSD (post-trau­matic stress dis­or­der). She’s been through the ab­so­lute wringer so some of it can be ex­cused, but I think they’re go­ing to strug­gle with some of the other things as well – much as I did.

“It is a big change. It is iso­lat­ing. You kind of feel like you are on a wee is­land by your­self and that you know things and you’ve seen things dif­fer­ent to all of your col­leagues in Fern­dale.”

Dew­ing be­lieves the new Kylie jus­ti­fies her ac­tions as pro­tect­ing the de­serv­ing and in­no­cent – but ad­mits her good deeds are the type than can put you in a pri­son cell.

“I think at some point she’ll have to pay her dues,” she says, mus­ing that she might be able to blame her ac­tions on tem­po­rary in­san­ity.

“She’d loved this per­son, iso­lated her­self from all of these other peo­ple, didn’t lis­ten to any friends and fam­ily, tricked her­self into be­liev­ing this was the right per­son and he would never have done these things, and then she’s just been com­pletely blind­sided by it.

“But she needs to wake up, have that mo­ment of re­al­i­sa­tion that it doesn’t mat­ter how jus­ti­fied it is to you, you are ef­fec­tively a mur­derer.”

Dy­lan (Ryan O’Kane) and Kylie (Kerry-Lee Dew­ing) on their wed­ding day.

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