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In 2019, a group of New Zealand musicians such as Bic Runga, Tiki Taane, Tami Neilson, Stan Walker and Six60 recorded te reo versions of their songs for a compilatio­n album called Waiata/ Anthems. Conceived by musician Hinewehi Mohi, it proved to be a critical and commercial success. TV series Waiata/Anthems follows a new group of artists, including Hollie Smith/Don McGlashan, Bic Runga, Annie Crummer, Che Fu, Drax Project, Logan Bell (from Katchafire) and Melodownz as they contribute to the next album. Some of the stars of the series tells us about their song choices and what being a part of the project means to them. Melenie Parkes reports. Annie Crummer Song: Ocean Moon/Hina Ki Tai

Why did you want to get involved with Waiata/Anthems?

The kaupapa of it is beautiful. We get to rethink our songs into te reo M ori. Even though I am Polynesian, I have so much to learn about my M ori wh nau and their reo.

Was there a particular line or phrase in the translatio­n that really stuck out for you?

That was a highlight, actually.

Towards the end of the song at the height of the bridge….when I sing it in English, I just sing one note really high but in the te reo M ori version it was so nice to have words to sing right in that note instead of one long note. That was beautiful... just one of those golden nuggets that fell out of the sky for me through this process.

Do you have a favourite M ori language song?

One song that sticks out for me is Kotiro M ori E. I learned it in Form One (who even says Form One these days!!) I used to love that song and every time I hear it I’m back in Form One.

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