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I usu­ally check the UK weather re­port be­cause it has more chance of be­ing ac­cu­rate for New Zealand than the NZ MetSer­vice fore­cast. On May 12 they ac­ci­den­tally pre­dicted cor­rectly, and mem­bers turned out in force for the morn­ing shenani­gans thereby dodg­ing the rain. In the morn­ing John Libby was streets ahead of ev­ery­one else with a crack­ing 44 stable­ford, fol­lowed by Terry Ger­bich prov­ing that age is no bar­rier on 40, Pete Rowe 38 and Alex Tees­dale 38.

Most of the af­ter­noon char­ac­ters stayed at home watch­ing Corona­tion Street in prepa­ra­tion of the NZ catch up with only two two play­ers turn­ing up in the rain. Dave In­gle and Graeme Parkin­son both came last or first, de­pend­ing on how you look at it, but Dave com­ing less last. See you on the course.

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