Ki­wis urged to stay sum­mer safe

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The En­vi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Au­thor­ity (EPA) is re­mind­ing Ki­wis to stay safe through the sum­mer when fir­ing up the bar­be­cue, tak­ing a dip in the pool or hit­ting the beach.

“The sun, pool and spa chem­i­cals, and LPG all pose risks, es­pe­cially to chil­dren,” Lizzie Wil­son, EPA spokesper­son for the EPA’s Safer Homes pro­gramme says.

“This can in­clude tod­dlers near open flames, or gain­ing ac­cess to chem­i­cals which are not locked up and out of sight.

“Mix­ing spa and pool chem­i­cals can also cre­ate a poi­sonous gas or even ex­plode, and it’s also best not to touch spa and pool chem­i­cals as you can get skin re­ac­tions or burns,” says Ms Wil­son.

“We rec­om­mend Ki­wis read the la­bels on house­hold chem­i­cals to un­der­stand what they are, how they should be used, and what the risks are to your fam­ily by stor­ing them at home.

“This ad­vice also ex­tends to sun­screen, the best pro­tec­tion from the sun, which are not all cre­ated equally,” says Ms Wil­son. “We en­cour­age you to visit the Con­sumer New Zealand web­site which has good ad­vice to help you find a suit­able sun­screen.”

Buy­ing sun­screens

■ Buy sun­screens from brands and re­tail­ers that you know and trust.

If you are in any doubt about the safety of a prod­uct — don’t buy or use it.

If the la­bel isn’t in English, doesn’t list the in­gre­di­ents, batch code and NZ im­porter and man­u­fac­turer con­tact de­tails, the prod­uct isn’t com­pli­ant with the rules.

Read the la­bel and fol­low the in­struc­tions and store out of reach of small chil­dren. Even if the prod­uct says it’s non-toxic and nat­u­ral it could be dan­ger­ous if swal­lowed.

If you have an al­ler­gic or other re­ac­tion to a sun­screen prod­uct, stop us­ing it im­me­di­ately. If the re­ac­tion is se­vere, get med­i­cal ad­vice from a doc­tor or call Health­line on 0800 611 116.

Stay safe around LPG

LPG ig­nites and burns eas­ily. If it leaks, it can ig­nite and some­times ex­plode.

It is stored un­der pres­sure in can­is­ters and cylin­ders.

LPG ap­pli­ances can give off car­bon monox­ide if they are not burn­ing prop­erly, so make sure your ap­pli­ance is work­ing prop­erly and is ser­viced reg­u­larly.

‘Huff­ing’ or breath­ing LPG in in­ten­tion­ally can make you sick or even kill you.

See more tips and our fact­sheet on the EPA web­site:­ery­dayen­vi­ron­ment/us­ing-lpg-gas-ath­ome

Tips for chem­i­cal use in your spa or swim­ming pool

You should fol­low the direc­tions on the la­bel to make sure you use your spa chem­i­cals safely.

Wear safety gear and long cloth­ing when us­ing your chem­i­cals.

Add your chem­i­cals di­rectly to your spa or pool (un­less the direc­tions say oth­er­wise). It can be dan­ger­ous to mix your chem­i­cals with small amounts of wa­ter, such as mix­ing them in a cup or bucket. They may ex­plode.

Clean up any spills quickly, fol­low­ing the direc­tions on the la­bel.

Never mix dif­fer­ent spa chem­i­cals to­gether.

This can make them re­lease poi­sonous gas, or even ex­plode.

Wash your hands well when you are done.

Stor­ing chem­i­cals safely

Store chem­i­cals in their orig­i­nal con­tain­ers.

Make sure they are kept well away from heat, fires and elec­tric­ity.

Store your chem­i­cals in a locked cup­board, where chil­dren and pets can’t get to them.

Keep them away from other chem­i­cals that can burn eas­ily, like petrol or LPG.

Make sure you store all liq­uids up­right, not on their sides. This will help stop big spills.

Check you have shut all the con­tain­ers tightly.


Stay safe around your pool and bar­be­cue over sum­mer.

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