Young in­ven­tor scores with peeler


re­ac­tions at how quick it’s done,” he said.

Fiel­d­ays punter Roger Bourne works for Plant and Food Re­search of the Crown Re­search In­sti­tutes and had an in­dus­try in­ter­est in Chris­tian’s Kiwi Peel.

“I was ini­tially drawn to this prod­uct be­cause we work re­ally closely with Ze­spri,” Bourne said. “I saw the ki­wifruit and thought, oh cool some­thing to do with the sec­tor that I’m in­ter­ested in.”

He was im­pressed with the young man’s nous.

“He had a prob­lem for him­self and he went, ‘I’m gonna fix that’ and that’s an awe­some at­ti­tude. To go, hold on if I’m not the only one that maybe has this prob­lem and to start that process of thought at that age and he got his dad in­volved and his dad’s mate, and all the rest of it. And now he’s fronting it. I think that’s awe­some,” Bourne said.

The plant and food re­searcher said the best in­ven­tions solve a re­al­world prob­lem and Chris­tian’s in­ven­tion was re­ally prac­ti­cal.

Mor­rinsville dairy farmer Glenn Townsend was pass­ing by when he di­rected his two el­dest sons, Tris­tan, 8, and Henry Townsend, 5, back to the Kiwi Peel stand.

“It looks like it’s an easy ki­wifruit peeler which should make it eas­ier than chop­ping them up with a knife,” Townsend said. “These kids love their ki­wifruit so that’s why I looked at it.”

He made his $20 pur­chase and handed his sons their new­est uten­sil.

Tris­tan said the 12-year-old in­ven­tor was “pretty amaz­ing” and his brother Henry nod­ded his ap­proval of ki­wifruit and the peeler.

Chris­tian in­tends to start out small and grow grad­u­ally.

“In­no­va­tion is the thing that starts off real lit­tle and gets some­times pretty big and some­times mas­sive.”

Watch­ing his son and his in­no­va­tion grow was Chris­tian’s in­ven­tor dad who had cut through enough ki­wifruit in two days to be glad he wasn’t peel­ing them the old­fash­ioned way.

“Don’t stop in­vent­ing,” he said. Chris­tian had sold around 85 Kiwi Peels and was leav­ing his stand to pick up sup­port from an­other source — off to the Ze­spri ex­hibit to get his fifth box of ki­wifruit.

“They give them to us for free,” he said.


Mor­rinsville dairy farmer Glenn Townsend bought his ki­wifruit-lov­ing sons Tris­tan, 8, and Henry Townsend, 5, a new treat from Chris­tian Stark.

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