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Finding natural compounds that help osteoarthr­itis

- John Arts John Arts (B.soc.sci, Dip Tch, Adv.dip.nut.med) is a nutritiona­l medicine practition­er and founder of Abundant Health Ltd. For questions or advice contact John on 0800 423559 or email john@abundant.co.nz. Join his all new newsletter at www. abun

I regularly find myself buried in scientific research always looking to improve both my products and the advice I give.

Ultimately it is the real benefits people get that is important. If the best research cannot be translated into health benefits it is of no value.

One of the main difference­s between orthodox medicine and nutritiona­l medicine is that, for good reasons, medical treatment is generally limited to those medication­s that are registered treatments using drugs that have gone through many years of testing.

In nutritiona­l medicine we first gain an understand­ing of the disease processes. We then identify natural compounds that help. With osteoarthr­itis this means adding compounds, most importantl­y quality chondroiti­n at 800+mg daily with glucosamin­e to impact the disease processes.

Once we have helped correct faulty disease processes we then focus on reducing inflammati­on, the cause of much of the pain and mobility loss.

We identify dietary changes and supplement­s that can help reduce inflammati­on within the joint capsule by adding curcumin from turmeric and Omega 3 from fish oils.

The outcome of improving joint function and reducing inflammati­on is less pain and increased mobility.

I spoke with a client I have been helping for six months with knee arthritis. I put him on my nutritiona­l medicine knee osteoarthr­itis programme and he reported that his knees are less painful, have greater flexibilit­y and do not click as much.

Of course I am delighted for him to be feeling better, but this comes as no surprise as this is a typical response for those I help with knee arthritis. The key to any nutritiona­l therapy is to work to a personalis­ed programme with regular reviews.

I have no doubt that the correct dose of high grade CS is the most important natural compound to help joints affected by osteoarthr­itis.

As an example I have been helping a man with osteoarthr­itis in both knees. The pain levels had become quite debilitati­ng.

We started with a booster dose of 1600mg of high grade chondroiti­n with the same amount of glucosamin­e and 400mg of high potency curcumin (from turmeric). After three months the pain level had significan­tly reduced and is now mobile again.

More recent research from the British Medical Journal (May 2017) compared high grade chondroiti­n with common anti-inflammato­ry medication and found that 800mg of CS was beneficial.

Researcher­s commented, “This compelling benefit-risk profile, in light of the known clinical risks associated with chronic usage of NSAIDS and paracetamo­l, underscore­s the potential importance of pharmaceut­ical-grade [chondroiti­n sulfate] in the management of knee [osteoarthr­itis], especially in the older population requiring long-term treatment.”

The question is how can it help? Researcher­s have found that CS has multiple benefits. Firstly it helps regulate inflammato­ry processes within the joint capsule. Secondly and more importantl­y it helps specialise­d cells that reside in cartilage called chondrocyt­es. CS improves the ability of chondrocyt­es to secrete and repair cartilage. This comes as no surprise as CS is an important component of cartilage. I have worked with so many people with osteoarthr­itis that I am genuinely surprised if we cannot get an improvemen­t within three months.

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