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Iused to be sur­prised when I saw peo­ple with older ‘‘dumb’’ phones but now I’m be­gin­ning to un­der­stand the at­trac­tion. The dig­i­tal draw of a smart­phone can get too much for peo­ple as they spend too much time star­ing at a screen rather than en­gag­ing with those around them.

There is no such prob­lem for those who own dumb phones as there is very lit­tle to do with them other than text or make calls.

But for some peo­ple, that is com­ing to an end to­mor­row as

2de­grees shuts down its 2G net­work.

The com­pany es­ti­mates thou­sands of peo­ple will be af­fected and it’s try­ing to help by giv­ing away bud­get 3G phones. While you could move to Voda­fone (Spark doesn’t have a 2G net­work) it might be best to up­grade to 3G to fu­ture-proof your­self.

3G refers to the type of con­nec­tion used by cell­phones to ac­cess the net­work – the higher the

If you don't want a smart­phone, then you can get a 3G dumb phone like the Nokia 3110 3G...

num­ber the faster it works. The cur­rent stan­dard is now 4G with

5G ex­pected to ar­rive in New Zealand in the next few years.

But if you do have an older style phone, that doesn’t mean you need to get a 4G ca­pa­ble smart­phone. If you’re happy with the fea­tures you al­ready have, then you can buy a ba­sic 3G smart­phone for be­tween

$100 - $200. An­other $100 will get you a 4G smart­phone.

If you don’t want a smart­phone, then you can get a 3G dumb phone like the Nokia 3110 3G ($99) which is a re-re­leased ver­sion of the pop­u­lar phone from more than a decade ago.

Nokia has also an­nounced it will re-re­lease its fa­mous ‘‘ba­nana phone’’ which fea­tures a snap cover that is used to un­lock the phone or an­swer calls. Un­for­tu­nately, it prob­a­bly won’t ar­rive in New Zealand un­til the end of the year.

Other tech com­pa­nies are also try­ing to cash in on the back­lash against smart­phones. The trendy Light Phone 2 has all the fea­tures of a dumb phone but a de­sign wor­thy of an iPhone, but at US$400 it costs too much for the av­er­age user.

So while you may be forced to up­grade your phone, it doesn’t mean you need to get a smart­phone. En­joy the world of sim­ple phones while you can.

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