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The Im­mi­gra­tion Depart­ment seems to have a set of rules ex­pressed as tick boxes that they ad­here to no mat­ter what the facts sur­round­ing an is­sue may be. This is a clear case where AI could im­me­di­ately be ap­plied at very lit­tle ex­pense. No man­ager seems to have any dis­cre­tionary pow­ers ex­cept the minister and he does not have to ex­plain him­self. The Sroubeck case was, and still is, a sham­bles. The court cases alone sug­gest that he is not re­ally the sort of im­mi­grant we are look­ing for.

The Zong­wei Lu case just shows that they do not have enough meet­ings in the depart­ment. We are ap­par­ently des­per­ately look­ing for im­mi­grants that can bol­ster the tourist in­dus­try and yet down the cor­ri­dor some au­tom­a­ton has noted that this stu­dent didn’t spend enough time study­ing for his qual­i­fi­ca­tions so the ‘‘De­port’’ box got a tick. The fact that he was too con­sci­en­tious and good at his study went right past them. He is pre­cisely the sort of im­mi­grant we are look­ing for. You would have ex­pected the hospi­tal­ity school, that surely deals with a num­ber of over­seas stu­dents, to raise a red flag. Where is Lees-Gal­loway when this is hap­pen­ing? No doubt hid­ing in his of­fice read­ing and reread­ing the Sroubeck file look­ing for some ev­i­dence that could pos­si­bly be con­strued as new.

And fi­nally the poor woman that spent $300,000 and two years fight­ing an­other set of au­toma­tons who seem as much aware of the word com­pas­sion and its mean­ing as young stu­dents are of the word triv­ial. Who­ever put the Hague Con­ven­tion non­sense to­gether needs to go and do a good logic course. Did they not con­sider that a par­ent who is pre­pared to change coun­tries and take their chil­dren with them may just have a very good rea­son for do­ing so – as in this case? The pro­tec­tion or­der seemed to have got lost in the le­gal ar­gu­ments. The Aussie hus­band was able to tap into NZ’s le­gal aid sys­tem and get it flipped on its back with rel­a­tive ease. Ge­off Or­chard, Ohaupo

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