Room for think­ing about abor­tion

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When one be­comes preg­nant, why in the name of abor­tion is it le­gal to kill him or her in the womb if we don’t want them for what­ever rea­son?

Maybe we feel it was an ac­ci­dent, or it is the wrong sex, or it is not formed the way we would like.

Why don’t we wait un­til they are born, then if we don’t want them for what ever rea­son, just take them to the doc­tor and ask to have him or her killed?

Ob­nox­ious thought isn’t it, but what is the dif­fer­ence in the womb or born, they are still a child, and one of God’s cre­ations?

The pro-abor­tion peo­ple say that it is not child un­til it is born, but if I was to hit a preg­nant wo­man and cause her un­born child to die I would be had up for mur­der of an un­born child.

We scream and yell when 20 or so are killed in a school shoot­ing, but how many thou­sand are killed on that same day in the name of abor­tion in the world.

Room for thought isn’t it? And then there is the other side, the thou­sands of women and cou­ples that are not able to have a child. Why don’t we do more about adop­tion in­stead of killing the un­born child, bring it to term and have it adopted.

There are thou­sands that would love the op­por­tu­nity to give them the love that they de­serve.

Per­haps, me now be­ing in my 80s, I have a dif­fer­ent set of val­ues than the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion, but I know that even amongst our own fam­ily and friends, we have young ones who are spend­ing thou­sands to try and get a child.


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