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O Box 702, Wan­ganui, Perry New­burn 06-343-6484 SPORT WAN­GANUI CLUB GOLD: Tues­day, Thurs­day, (AM), Karen Buck­holt 06-349-2315 WAN­GANUI MIL­LEN­NIUM WALK­ERS CLUB: Sun­day (AM), Darol Poin­ton 06-345-3137 WAVER­LEY SPORT WAN­GANUI CLUB GOLD: (AM), (BIA), Betty Mor­ri­son 06346-5613 OHAKUNE SPORT WAN­GANUI CLUB GOLD: Mon­days (AM), Kerry Young 06385-4055 MARTON SPORT WAN­GANUI CLUB GOLD Wed­nes­day (AM), Deane James 06-327-7607


PALMER­STON NORTH HOKOWHITU KIWI WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), (I), Dorne Jarvis 06-357-2444 KELVIN GROVE WALK­ERS: Tues­day (PM), (I), Mar­jory Ed­monds, 06-354-3342 HOT-Whitu CHICKS Satur­day, (AM), (BIA), lau­ren­par­ hot-whitu-chicks MANAWATU STRID­ERS: Tues­day, Thurs­day, (PM); Sun­day (AM), Hockey Manawatu Pav­il­lion, Manawaroa Street, (BIA), Alis­ter Martin 06-353-7175 PALMER­STON NORTH JOG­GERS & WALK­ERS: Es­planade, Tues­day, Thurs­day, Satur­day (AM), (BI), Robyn McKey 06-354-9952. CLUB PED: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, (PM), (IA), On­g­ley Park; Satur­day, (AM), Es­planade, (IA), David Young 06-356-7179 HEARTY STRID­ERS: Thurs­day (PM), (BI), Es­planade, Adri­enne Kennedy 06-350-8617 MASSEY WALK­ERS: Mon­day, Thurs­day, noon, Massey Recre­ation Cen­tre, (BIA) Chin Diew Lai 06-350-5799 ext 2471 MANAWATU WALK­WAYS PRO­MO­TION SO­CI­ETY’S MONTHLY WALK­ERS: Sun­day (AM), (IA) Gil­lian Ab­solom 06-329-6898 METHODIST AGAPE FEL­LOW­SHIP WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), (B), Lorna Good­win, 06-358-2860 U3A Ex­plor­ing Walk­ways: Thurs­day (PM), (B), Lyn­ley Wat­son 06356-4384 WOMEN’S AF­TER 5.30 WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day, Thurs­day (PM), (I), Liz MacNeill 06-357-8216 FEILD­ING SE­NIOR WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), (BI), Gail Byrnes 06-323-5470 FOX­TON FOXPEDS: Mon­day (PM), Fox­ton, Fox­ton Beach, (BIA), Dave Black­ett, 06-363-5743, Michelle Duffy, 06-363-7987 LEVIN LEVIN HAR­RIER & WALK­ING CLUB: Satur­day (PM), (BIA), Ivan Mor­gan 06-368-3622 WED­NES­DAY LEISURE WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), (BIA), Lila McCall, 06-367-9070 LEVIN JOG­GERS & WALK­ERS CLUB: Tues­day, Wed­nes­day, Sun­day, (BIA), Colleen Fran­cis 06-368-8624


MASTER­TON WALK­ING GROUP RECRE­ATIONAL: Edna Pa­trick, 06-377-4338 ORI­EN­TEER­ING GROUP: 06-377-7961 or 379-5124 CARTER­TON 40+ STRID­ERS: Ada Lys­ter, 06-379-8746 RUAMAHANGA RAM­BLERS: Win­ter Satur­day, Sum­mer Tues­day (PM), (BIA), Ray Wallis 06-377-0703 MART­IN­BOR­OUGH MART­IN­BOR­OUGH WALK­ING GROUP: Barbara Behrent 06-306-9226


WELLING­TON BROOK­LYN WALK­ERS: Edith, 04-384-6799 BUGGY WALK­ING GROUP: First Thurs­day of month (AM), www. bug­gy­ CAN­CER SO­CI­ETY, WELLING­TON DIVI­SION: Mon­day (AM), 04 389 8421, con­[email protected]­cer­ FOR­EST & BIRD: 04-567-7271 ORI­EN­TAL BAY WED­NES­DAY WALK­ERS: Chris­tine Blakely 04-383-6276 MT VIC­TO­RIA WALK­ING GROUP: Euan Har­ris 04-384-4770 WALK WAINUI: Mon­day (AM), (BIA), Shirley 04-564-6179 IS­LAND BAY WALK­ING GROUP: Com­mu­nity Re­source Cen­tre, Is­land Bay, 04-383-7464 WALK­ING FOR LIFE: Lynne War­ing, Mi­ra­mar KARORI WALK­ING GROUP: Mavis Shaw, Kel­burn KARORI ARTS & CRAFT WALK­ING GROUP: 04-934-8630 KANDALLAH COR­NER­STONE WALK­ERS: Mon­day (AM) 04-479-5420 MI­RA­MAR WALK­ING GROUP: 04-388-1944 NEW­LANDS COM­MU­NITY HOUSE WALK­ING: Tues­day (AM), 04-4788799 TARARUA TRAMP­ING CLUB: WEA MID­WEEK WALK­ERS: Hanna Har­wood WELLING­TON WED­NES­DAY WALK­ERS: 04-388-1988 WELLING­TON CATHOLIC TRAMP­ING CLUB: 04-934-4729 WELLING­TON HAR­RIER ATH­LETIC CLUB: Satur­day (PM) mid March to mid Oc­to­ber, (BIA), Veron­ica Gould WELLING­TON MARATHON CLINIC: Sun­day (AM), (BIA), Toni 04478-9201 WELLING­TON MID-WEEK WALK­ERS: Tues, Thurs­day (PM), Bart Jones 04-477-3746 or David Lons­dale 04-977-8990 WELLING­TON NORDIC WALK­ERS: Rod Mc­Coll 04-526-6833 WELLING­TON TRAMP­ING & MOUN­TAINEER­ING CLUB: www.wtmc. WELLYWALKS: WELLING­TON MEET-UP TRAMP­ING CLUB:­tonTramp­ingGroup LOWER HUTT WALK FOR HEALTH: Tues­day (AM), Satur­day (AM), Sun­day (AM), (BIA), Joan 04 5697 188 or 022 5697 188, POS­I­TIVELY SLIM “Health for Life Walk­ers: Sun­day (AM) Wed­nes­day (PM) (BIA), Jim or Barbara Mobbs 04-566-2603 HUTT VAL­LEY WALK­ERS: Satur­day (PM), Carol 04-586-7784 WALK­ING FOR PLEA­SURE: 60’s Plus, Melling, Molly Shep­hers, 04567-5727 WOMENS WALK­ING GROUP: Wainuiomata, ev­ery sec­ond Wed­nes­day (PM), 04-564-6019 HUTT VAL­LEY TRAMP­ING CLUB: Week­end (AM), Den­nis Page 04970-6901 KAUMATUA TRAMP­ING CLUB: www.kau­mat­u­ TAKE HEART WALK GROUP: Mon­day (AM), (BI), Lor­raine Penny 04-566-3826 LEISURE WALK­ERS: se­niors, Tues­day (AM), Judy, 04-528-4445 HUTT VAL­LEY MARATHON CLINIC: Mark Pot­ter, [email protected] WALK WAINUI: Mon­day (AM), (BIA), Shirley 04-564-6179 ALICETOWN WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), Karen 04-589-2646 KIWI MASTERS WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day Satur­day, Sun­day (PM), Richard Davies 04-566-1335 or 027-566-1335 OLDER ADULTS – LEISURE WALK­ING GROUP: Judy 04-528-4445 NORDIC WALK­ING: Sun­day (AM), Silva 04-562-7671 or 021-175-4081, [email protected] PE­TONE COM­MU­NITY HOUSE WALK­ING GROUP: 1st and 3rd Thurs­day (AM), Michelle PORIRUA MANA JOHN­SONVILLE FRI­DAY WALK­ERS: Brian Grin­strup or Bruce Shep­pard 04-237-6374 TAWA LIN­DEN HIK­ERS: 04-232-8705 CHURTON PARK COM­MU­NITY WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Thurs­day (PM), Churton Park shops, chur­ton­[email protected] WEA RAM­BLERS: Muriel Thomp­son, Tawa TAWA/LIN­DEN WALK­ERS: Mau­rice 04-232-4407 or Claire 04-232-8764 WHITBY SUN­DAY WALK­ERS: Sun­day (AM), Don Quirk 04-234-7700 or Chris­tine Coshan 04-971-2141 [email protected]­ UP­PER HUTT AURORA HAR­RIER CLUB: Peter Wrigley, p.wig­[email protected]­ TUES­DAY TRIP­PERS: Bill Wal­lace, 04-528-6201,brad­[email protected] FANTAIL HIK­ERS: Marg Ea­gles, Up­per Hutt TREN­THAM UNITED HAR­RIER CLUB: Jon Roskvist, 021-460-877 or 04-526-6906 UP­PER HUTT WALK­ING & TRAMP­ING CLUB: He­len 04-970-2046 KAPITI KAPITI CAR­DIAC CLUB: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Gra­ham Priest 04-293-7872 KAPITI WED­NES­DAY WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Robin Leger 04905-4680 or Muriel Hill 04-293-5121 KAPITI THURS­DAY WALK­ERS: Thurs­day, email kapi­tithurs­day­walk­[email protected], www.sports­­tithurs­day­walk­ers KAPITI JOG­GERS & WALK­ERS: Sun­day (AM), Pam Childs 04-902-1754 KAPITI WAN­DER­ERS: Tues­day (alt), email: kapi­ti­wan­der­[email protected], www.sports­­ti­wan­der­ers KAPITI WEEK­DAY WALK­ERS: Mon­day, Wendy Strat­ford 04-905-7520 tw­strat­[email protected], or Ju­lian Har­ris 04-905-3733 [email protected] SPORT KAPITI THURS­DAY WALK­ERS: Thurs­day (AM), 04-296-9022


BLEN­HEIM 50 PLUS WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), 03-579-3101 PIC­TON WALK GROUP: Mon­day (AM), Claire 03-573-7991


MOTUEKA MOTUEKA FIFTY PLUS WALK­ERS: Motueka, Thurs­day, www.motue­ka50­pluswalk­, sec­re­tary50­pluswalk­[email protected] or Shirley 03-528-9434 MOTUEKA TRAMP­ING CLUB: Day and multi day trips avail­able, sec­re­[email protected] NEL­SON NEL­SON STRID­ERS: Tues­day, Thurs­day, (PM), (BI), Averil West, 03548-3655 NEL­SON KIWISENIORS: Tues­day (AM), 03-548-1126 WAKE­FIELD WALK­ING GROUP: Thurs­day (AM), Lou Man­son, 03541-8414 TAHUNA KIWISENIORS: Mon­day (AM), 03-548-1126 NEL­SON 50+ WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), Roger Haynes, 03-539-6402 WAIMEA HAR­RIER WALK­ERS: Satur­day (PM), Sun­day (AM) (BIA), Heather McNabb, 03-547-8490 WED­NES­DAY WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Vis­i­tor In­for­ma­tion Cen­tre WAIMEA TRAMP­ING CLUB: Sun­day (AM) (PM),­[email protected], www.waimeatramp­ing­ TAKAKA GOLDEN BAY ALPINE AND TRAMP­ING CLUB: Day walk and overnight trips, Kevin Durkan kdu­[email protected]­


CHRISTCHURCH AC­TIVE CHRISTCHURCH SUN­DAY WALK: Sun­day (AM) (BI), 03-9418999 AVON LOOP/CITY KIWISENIORS: Mon­day (AM), (B), Sport Can­ter­bury 03-373-5060 AVONSIDE KIWI SE­NIORS: Wed­nes­day (AM), (BI), Jan 03-389-2755 AVONHEAD KIWISENIORS: Fri­day (AM), (BI), Bess 03-342-7647 AF­TER WORK WALK­ING CLUBS: around Christchurch, (BI), for all ages and fit­ness lev­els, recre­ation clerk, CCC 03-371-1778. ARAI-WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day, Wain­oni/Aranui, Natalie Hoani, 03388-2593 ARTHRITIC AMBLERS: Wed­nes­day, (B) suit­able for peo­ple with phys­i­cal dis­abil­i­ties, Trevor Ran­dall 03-385-7446 BEX­LEY KIWISENIORS: Tues­day (AM), (BI), Kath 03388-6161 BAR­RING­TON KIWISENIORS: Fri­day (AM), (BI), Nita 03-337-1493 BECKENHAM WALK ‘n’ TALK: Thurs­day (PM), Di 03-385-3452 BISHOPDALE RAM­BLERS: Wed­nes­day (AM) (I), Bishopdale, Paul Muir 03-359-7971 BISHOPDALE TRAMP­ING CLUB: Wed­nes­day (AM),(IA), www.bish­op­dale­tram­ BURN­SIDE JOG­GERS & WALK­ERS CLUB: Sun­day (AM) Burn­side, Anne Uys 03-342-6337 BRIGHTON RAM­BLERS WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (AM), New Brighton (I), Mar­lene Crocker 03-388-1115 CAN­TER­BURY RACE WALK­ERS AS­SO­CI­A­TION: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, (BIA), co­or­di­nates all Can­ter­bury race walk­ers and friendly race walk­ing, Ann Hen­der­son 03-387-0387 CAN­TER­BURY UNIVER­SITY TRAMP­ING CLUB: Wed­nes­day (PM), Dar­ryn Wel­ham 03-960-3808 CAR­DIAC COM­PAN­IONS: Sun­day fort­night, (PM) Neville Woot­ton 03-942-5453 CAR­DIAC CARE GROUP, Marg Al­li­son 03-366-2112 CCC EASTEN­DERS: Mon­day (AM), (IA), or Bruce 03-388-7295 CCC GAR­DEN CITY WALK­ERS: Satur­day (AM) (IA), He­len 03-382-2302 CCC GLOW WORM EVENING WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (PM) (IA), Norm Wells 03-981-5487 CCC HALSWELL: Satur­day (AM) (PM), (IA), Pauline 03-322-8057: Sun­day, Ter­rence 03-322-8092 CCC SUN­SHINE WALK­ERS: Tues­day (PM (IA), Jim 03-389-1982 or Hope 03-389-7997 CCC SHIRLEY RECRE­ATIONAL WALK­ERS: Mon­day, Thurs­day (AM), (IA), 03-941-5409 CCC SOCKBURN: Tues­day (AM) (IA), Estelle 03-342-7841:Fri­day (AM) (IA), Jo 03-349-7146 CCC WEEK­END WAN­DERS: Sun­day (PM) (IA), Mar­i­lyn 03-338-3826 CHRISTCHURCH PER­SONAL GUID­ING SER­VICE: Daily (AM) (BIA), Cathe­dral Square, C Tonge 03-981-6350 CHRISTCHURCH MARATHON CLINIC: Satur­day (AM), E: chch­marathon­[email protected], https://chch­marathon­clinic.word­ CHRISTCHURCH METHODIST HAR­RIER CLUB: Satur­day (PM) (BIA), Mrs Lind­say Evans 03-355-4356 CRU­SADERS WALK­ERS: Tues­day (BI), (50’s and above age group), Pauline 03-385-9947 DAR­LING­TON KIWISENIORS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Bill 03-385-1925 DI­A­MOND HAR­BOUR RAM­BLERS: Tues­day, Hun­ters Road, (BI), John Wil­lis 03-329-4243 EASTEN­DERS: Mon­day (AM), Bruce 03-981-5329 ELLESMERE TRAMP­ING GROUP: Thurs­day (AM), Trish Vessey 03329-1865 HER­ITAGE WALKS: Thurs­day, (AM), Graeme Stan­ley 03-980-1553 HOON HAY KIWISENIORS: Wed­nes­day (AM), (BI), Barbara 03-338-8306 KAIAPOI WALK­ERS GROUP: Tues­day, Wed­nes­day (AM), Don Lyon 03-327-9064 KAIAPOI NORDIC WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Wed­nes­day, Thurs­day, Fri­day, Trudy Blakey 03-327-4457

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