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Overseas Walk: Explore Rarotonga’s mountainou­s interior


Reconnect with nature by exploring Rarotonga’s mountainou­s interior on a variety of guided and self-guided hiking trails.

From being surrounded by native birds and butterflie­s to capturing incredible views of the island and surroundin­g lagoon and finding hidden waterfalls, hiking in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands is a must-do activity.

Raemaru Trek (Raemaru, 350m) Moderate | 3.1km return | 90 mins average time | 15m rock climb to summit

The starting point for the Raemaru Trek is located on the back road in Arorangi. From the main road, locate Friendly Mart Convenienc­e Store and take the inland road.

Once you come to the backroad intersecti­on, turn right following the yellow marked signs ‘Raemaru Trek’. Take another inland road in 80m (look for the yellow Raemaru sign). Follow to the end until you come to the start of the trek.

Park on the side and off the road as this is a thoroughfa­re for inland residents.

Follow the orange markers on this trail. QR Code self-guided tour is now available. All you need is a smartphone with a Vodafone visitor SIM card. You can purchase a visitor SIM card with Vodafone for $49 at the airport, Avarua or in Muri Beach. There is no regular tour offered but a private tour can be made by arrangemen­t. Ask your hotel reception or head to the visitor centre in Avarua.

 ??  ?? Above, left and right : On ethe Raemaru Trek with great mountain
Above, left and right : On ethe Raemaru Trek with great mountain
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