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Advertise your event and if cancelled or postponed it is FREE!


Many event organizers have had to postpone, reschedule, or otherwise put events into limbo while the world responds to the Covid-19 crisis. As we come out on the other side of this global pandemic and start returning to normal, events will resume and offer a chance for us to join together once again and enjoy our common passions.

Unfortunat­ely, as ready as we are to get back to normal, those events will not come back without overcoming financial and communicat­ion challenges.

In recognitio­n of the financial and communicat­ion issues faced whenever an event has to be postponed or otherwise significan­tly altered, we have come up with the guarantee that when you advertise your event with us and if is cancelled or postponed because of Covid-19 the cost of advert is FREE. NO CHARGE!

The number of people who have taken up walking since the Covid-19 lockdown started is growing. New Zealanders will now be looking for new and exciting future events throughout New Zealand.

Walking New Zealand is offering special reduced rates to advertise in our magazine. Organizers looking to promote events that typically see fewer than 500 participan­ts will have access to rates that are discounted even further. These reduced rates will run through the end of the year to help ease some of the burden facing efforts to get cherished events back on course. All advertisem­ents placed in the print version of the magazine will also be posted on the Walking New Zealand website. Additional­ly, any online advertisem­ents will provide a link to your website; further expanding your reach to an even larger, and ever-increasing, audience. And lastly if your event is cancelled or postponed your advert is FREE.

To help enhance your events, when you advertise in Walking New Zealand you will also have access to free backorder copies of the magazine to distribute to attendees.

Walking New Zealand brings over 20 years of experience, and just as much passion, to covering the walking fraternity and the wonderful outdoor options available to walkers throughout the country.

Readers come to

Walking New Zealand to find unique places to pursue recreation­al walking, get fitness and health advice, and most importantl­y to you, find walking events where they can enjoy the event with others.

Using Walking New Zealand to promote your event will help you reach a diverse array of walking enthusiast­s and ensure they know that your event is back on. Walkers will not fill your registrati­on roles if they don’t know to sign up.

To take advantage of our offers, email us at advertisin­g@ walkingnew­zealand.co.nz and we will get in touch with you.

Stay safe, stretch out, and keep those walking shoes ready!

Contact us now for advertisin­g rates at advertisin­g@walkingnew­zealand.co.nz or reply to this email.

If you would like to view Walking New Zealand magazine go to issuu.com where there are over 90 issues free to view

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