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1 Which US city is the “Mile-High City”? 2 Who goes to work wear­ing a “suit of lights”? 3 Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa is an or­gan­i­sa­tion oth­er­wise known by what name? 4 What kind of an­i­mal is a munt­jac? 5 The Ja­panese for “sin­gle num­ber” gave us the name of what pop­u­lar game? 6 Which NZ air­port is one of the few in the world to have a rail­way line cross­ing the run­way? 7 The pa’anga is the cur­rency of which coun­try? 8 Who won the No­bel Prize for lit­er­a­ture this month? 9 Tom Hanks is only the sec­ond man to win the best ac­tor Os­car two years run­ning. For For­rest Gump and what other movie? 10 In 1946, Paris en­gi­neer and de­signer Louis Reard in­tro­duced what word to fash­ion’s vo­cab­u­lary?

1 Den­ver, Colorado 2 A bull­fighter 3 The Royal New Zealand Navy 4 A deer 5 Sudoku 6 Gis­borne 7 Tonga 8 Kazuo Ishig­uro 9 Philadel­phia 10 Bikini Quiz is on page 3.

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